Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Spring Sorbet

Since the birth of my third son last August, I have been exhausted. Sleep deprivation has a way of stripping the life from you and leaving you to forget the capable person you once were.  Motivation has been a scarcity in these parts for quite some time.  Hence, I have morphed into quite the recluse, emerging only for groceries at the corner store in my pajamas.  The downward spiral of no sleep and isolation can only go on so long, however, before you realize that you MUST GET OUT.  

Luckily, I have had an event called the Vintage Spring Sorbet booked on my performing calendar for over a year.  It rolled around last weekend and turned out to be just what the doctor ordered: A weekend of sunshine, visual delights, culinary indulgences, conversations with women and all against the setting of California's serene Central Valley. Behold, a little Instagram Essay of my adventures:

Drove through miles of nut farms and vineyards to Catheys Valley (population 300).
Basked in the warm glow of Teresa Andersen, creative mastermind behind the Vintage Spring Sorbet. What a lovely, gracious woman she is.

Griffin Beau Gledhill also attended, naturally.
Spencer Harrison flew in from Washington DC to play guitar for me.  If ever there was a good sport, it would be Spencer.  He was a big hit with the ladies.

See what I mean?
The props, d├ęcor and vendors' wares were enchanting.

One word to describe my heart at the end of the day?

A million thanks to all the beautiful women whom I had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with.


  1. Mindy- thank you for your kind words. You were the icing on the cake, so to speak. Everyone loved you at The Vintage Spring Sorbet....what's not to love? =)
    I have heard from the ladies over and over how they just loved your singing and have been singing your songs every since that day...
    If you are ever in the area again and need a place for you and your family to stay....give us a are family now. =)

  2. Ditto to what Teresa said! Although I have to add its shocking how amazing you sound live. Your voice and music is truly delightful!!

  3. You truly were the icing on the cake! We have been listening to your CD's around here and my girls are loving them. I love that you sold the sheet music; My oldest daughter has loved learning to play the songs. I'm glad that you had a great time and that you were able to feel replenished! Thanks for letting me hang out with Griffin, I was in need of a dose of baby!

  4. Listening to your CD again right now (for the sixth or seventh time since Saturday.) It was a beautiful day and you were fabulous! Thanks for coming to sing for us!

  5. Mindy - what a delight you are. My daughter and I enjoyed so much listening and watching you sing. We would never have guessed that you were sleep deprived. But we do completely understand what motherhood does to you and how lovely and uplifting it is to spend a day outdoors in a beautiful setting with girlfriends. I began my week with an early morning run, listening to you on my ipod, it was a happy run and a happy day. Keep smiling.

  6. Dear Mindy, you are a gem...and the icing on the cake...and the vanilla cream in strawberry soda. Delightful! Thank you for uplifting and inspiring! And for being a good sport when silliness set in...wink. Jenn

  7. Mindy - it was such a pleasure to meet you (& Griffin) and chat & share at the event! You are adorable with such a welcoming and gracious personality. I'm glad the weekend left you refreshed & uplifted -- I think everyone went away with the same feeling!

  8. Wish I could have been there. Mindy, you are adorable and so is Griffin....WOW, he is SO cute.

    Blessings to you,

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