Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 7: Meet Hailey Smith

I first met Hailey Smith when she and Jake Suazo (both from the Thrillionaires Improv Theater Group) hosted Guitars Unplugged at the Marriott Center.  More recently, I have had the chance to get to know her better through Nie concert preparations.  I am so excited to share the stage with her!  She is a gem, people--a real gem!  I feel a special bond with Hailey because neither of us have much of a desire to scrapbook or keep house.  In fact, if we only had one day left to live, we would probably eat take-out and watch "Lost" episodes.  So here's a little background on this gorgeous red-head:  Hailey grew up in Utah, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and California.  She went on to BYU, where she received a degree in Acting.  Shortly after graduating, she started performing improv and now, eight years later, she is a co-founder of the Thrillionaires Improv Theater Troupe.  Hailey loves doing improv because it's an awesome outlet and she enjoys the rush of creating something out of nothing with amazingly talented friends.  She lives in Provo with her husband, Ben, and their four children: Mila, 8, Ethan, 5, and Lucy and Lane, 2.  Hailey wishes she could say her other hobbies were scrapbooking, cooking, and exercise, but she has to admit they are, in fact, singing, eating, and Tivo.

I have never actually met NieNie, but she happens to be the sister of my good friend Chris.  I found her blog through her siblings, and I was immediately impressed by the joy and radiance that exuberated from her posts.  Having four children myself, I felt a connection to her as a mother and I was also drawn to her love of beauty.  I know she has been a wonderful example of a faithful and devoted mother and wife to many women out there, and more than one friend of mine has admitted to me that NieNie is the reason they started blogging.  Since that fateful day in August, I have followed her story through her family members, and I have been overwhelmed by her ability to endure.  Hearing about her journey has reinforced my own testimony.  Of miracles. Of family. Of a Father in Heaven who blesses us with more good things than we could possibly receive.  I am grateful to her for her courage and for allowing the world to be uplifted by her beautiful spirit.  I hope that many more women will continue to be inspired by her story.  Thank you, NieNie, for never giving up!


  1. yes to the Lost and take out, I prefer Thia, is that ok with you?

    Hailey has that beautiful red hair I always wanted (and have unsuccessfully attempted many times!).

  2. Hailey is one of my favorite people! She has awesome red hair, and she's real funny! And she watches good television.

  3. Hailey is ABSOLUTELY my favorite 30 somethingish gal! She is an amazing person, mother, wife, actor, comedienne, sister, daughter and friend.

    And she did a great job raising me, her Mum...
    (trust me, she did it all herself--if you knew her, you would understand)

    I do love her!

  4. I love Hailey like a sister--oh wait! She is super talented and has never resented playing the Cinderella role, while I play, one of the ugly step-sisters?! She deserves all the good that comes her way.

  5. Thanks for being the not-scrapbooky, tivo watchin, foodie that you care.

    It makes me feel better.

    You also make a fantastic blonde, BTW.

    Nie is lucky to have people like you and Mindy to help out!