Thursday, June 13, 2013

PledgeMusic is 115% Funded! Also, New Video: Recording Vocals!

Hey everyone! Last week, with an army of family, friends and fans backing me, I surpassed my goal for my PledgeMusic campaign.  I just got chills as I typed that last sentence.  I am so moved and so deeply grateful to have a piece of all of you on this new album and to have also helped fund the Rooftop Concert Series this year.

I owe some very special thanks to these people for their help and support in the success of this campaign:

Courtney Kendrick and The Rooftop Concert Series
Sam Schultz of Sammy's Cafe
Stephanie Nielson
Ariel Hyatt
Wesley Johnson
Lyndsay Johnson
Jeff Yeats
Jared Platt
Jefra Starr Linn
Krista Maurer
Rachel Schutz (Darlybird)
Canela Limoine

And of course, the staff at PledgeMusic.

Many of you helped me Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and do giveaways to help spread the word.  I don't even think I could begin to fit all of the names into this post.  Please know how thankful I am to you.

So, what's next?  Today, I am shooting the photos for my album artwork.  In three days, I leave for New York to finish the mixing and mastering of the album.  Then the album will be manufactured in July and ready to hit stores by September 10th.  I'll continue to post videos of the album creation process.  Check out the new one above of recording vocals in the studio on a brand new song called, "Little Red Bike!"