Friday, April 20, 2012

Everyone Needs a Brittany

It's no secret that the only way I could manage to make music and be a mom to three kids is made possible by our Brittany Jaynes. Yes, I said OUR Brittany because we want to lay claim to her for the rest of her mortal days. But surprisingly, Brittany actually has hopes, dreams and aspirations beyond helping out the Gledhill family here at home. Can you even believe that? Hence, she is leaving us today to go off into the world and work a real job. And this is the part where I dramatically burst into tears . . . WAAAHHH!!!!!!!
Brittany has been the most perfect nanny, organizer, assistant, and everything-else-you-could-ever-need-provider. The moment that I discovered Brittany washing and folding our unmentionables without me even asking her to, was the moment I knew she had superhuman powers. I honestly don't know how we could ever replace her. But we are on the lookout for someone to fill her position. If you know anyone who adores obnoxious little boys, likes to answer emails, clean house, change diapers, file papers and receipts, fold laundry, and is perfect in every way, then have them email me at

Brittany, we love you. Thank you a million times over for the impact you've had on my children and myself. You deserve all the blessings that life has in store for you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lost Friend Found

Meet Suna Marquardt, my dear childhood friend from Eureka, California. This is us in the 6th grade. I even developed this picture in our elementary school dark room.

Several years ago, we found each other again on Facebook. I was elated, to say the least. This is my friend who I had sleepovers with, played on the basketball team with, talked about boys like Nick Cox and Tyson Beauchamp with.

Last week, I met up with her in Anaheim, California (where she now lives) while we were on a family vacation at Disneyland.

Tah-dah! Here we are now:
Isn't Suna beautiful?

It's an amazing feeling to be in the presence of someone you haven't seen since you were 13 and feel like you've never even skipped a beat. Suna is as bright, authentic and as lovely as she ever was. Since I last saw her, she has accomplished so much including graduating from the Long Beach Police Academy, marrying another police officer (Jason GarcĂ­a) whom she met at the academy, and having three boys – something we share in common. When Suna had her boys, she admirably bowed out of her career in law enforcement and started a business she runs from home called "Quality Connections Living Services." She helps people with developmental disabilities to maintain their basic life skills such as grocery shopping, financial responsibilities, medication management, etc. In other words: She is Wonder Woman.

Suna, I love you. It was so amazing to see you again. Let's make sure that we don't wait 18 years to do it again.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sundance on Saturday!

This is what my Saturday will be devoted to. I'm so proud of how the music scene in Utah has flourished over the last several years.
It's so very exciting to see how this organization has grown and the resources it is providing musicians here. The Soundcheck Series Expo at Sundance is going to be amazing. You can still register today at See you there!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monster Lashes

Last month, I took myself out to get eyelash extensions for my birthday. The idea was to try something fun and new. But me, oh my, them suckers was so huge, they'da reached out and snatched you up for supper! They annoyed me so badly that I ended up yanking them out one by one over the following weeks.

Moral of the story: To thine own eyelashes be true.