Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recording: Day 5, Anchor

Recording my song, "Anchor" today.

We pluck the strings inside the piano, then reverse their waveform on the computer to make them sound backwards.

I play the organ pedals with my hands.

Fiona brings comic relief throughout the long work day.
Tomorrow, I will see my own family, a.k.a., my anchor. I ache for them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recording: Day 4

This was the most exciting part about recording today. Stu made cool sounds with the piano by placing a pencil on the strings and then playing the keys a la "prepared piano," in the style of John Cage.

Other than that, I hit some sort of wall today and was aching for my little boys. I have forgotten how to live in Grown-Up Land and this week without kids has made me feel very empty and devoid of much emotion (although the first few days were sorta nice). But then . . . Stu's daughter, Fiona came over. We became instant friends and she helped me to feel a lot better.

We blew bubbles.

We made a little craft (which she referred to as a "crafty waft.")

And then I got on Skype read my boys this book for their bed time story. Can't wait to see them again in two days.

Recording: Day 3

Lots of keyboards today.


Vintage Casios.

Guitar also made an appearance or two.

I asked Stu who painted his Hammond.
"The crazy lady next door," he replied.

Then I asked him where he got the two Hammonds in his studio.
"The keys player for the Wallflowers gave them to me."

I think I've only seen him wear shoes one time. Such is the life of a Californian.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recording: Day 2 (Toe Tapping & Tears for Fears)

Today we tracked bass and drums; cause for some serious toe tapping.

Meet the drummer: Jamie Wollam.

Stuart is using his hands as "cymbals" to communicate to Jamie how
he would like the drums to sound.

Joe plugs his bass in and records his brilliance right along with the drums.

My job right now? Listening. I know. It's tough.

Stu steps into the room where Jamie is set up to discuss ideas.

Lunch. Yum.

Jamie pulls up a youtube video of him playing at the Walton with Tears for Fears. On April 13, he goes on tour with them. Yeah. No big deal. Tears for Fears is only ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVER!

Jamie likes to lay on the ground a lot.

Jamie is also vain. This is the 10th picture we took before he was satisfied with his appearance; after all, he does work as a male model on the side. Only joking of course! (about it being the 10th picture. It was actually the 15th).

Thanks for following along with me on my recording adventure. More to come soon . . .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Recording: Day 1

When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. I wanted whoever produced that song to produce songs for me. I found him and somehow, with a little time, a little wishing, a little luck and a little work, I found myself in his studio today recording the first part of my new album.

And partner in crime: Joe Corcoran

And Trusty Assistant: Drew Harris

Stu has a little Casio that makes cool sounds . . .

A Yamaha that makes lush sounds . . .

An AKG microphone that makes vintage sounds (me likey) . . .

An organ that makes . . . organish sounds . . .

And a robot. I don't know what kinds of sounds the robot makes.

Drew knows how to work the console. But even if he didn't, his hat would make him seem legit.

Joe is witty and almost as brilliant as his guitar parts.

After a day of setting tempos, selecting keys, and laying down some scratch tracks, Stuart made me some herbal tea . . .

And sent me home with a lemon from his tree.

I have a feeling I'm going to like it here in the Back Yard.