Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recording: Day 4

This was the most exciting part about recording today. Stu made cool sounds with the piano by placing a pencil on the strings and then playing the keys a la "prepared piano," in the style of John Cage.

Other than that, I hit some sort of wall today and was aching for my little boys. I have forgotten how to live in Grown-Up Land and this week without kids has made me feel very empty and devoid of much emotion (although the first few days were sorta nice). But then . . . Stu's daughter, Fiona came over. We became instant friends and she helped me to feel a lot better.

We blew bubbles.

We made a little craft (which she referred to as a "crafty waft.")

And then I got on Skype read my boys this book for their bed time story. Can't wait to see them again in two days.


  1. I can't wait to listen to your new album! It's going to have some interesing sounds!!! Wow!!!