Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recording: Day 2 (Toe Tapping & Tears for Fears)

Today we tracked bass and drums; cause for some serious toe tapping.

Meet the drummer: Jamie Wollam.

Stuart is using his hands as "cymbals" to communicate to Jamie how
he would like the drums to sound.

Joe plugs his bass in and records his brilliance right along with the drums.

My job right now? Listening. I know. It's tough.

Stu steps into the room where Jamie is set up to discuss ideas.

Lunch. Yum.

Jamie pulls up a youtube video of him playing at the Walton with Tears for Fears. On April 13, he goes on tour with them. Yeah. No big deal. Tears for Fears is only ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVER!

Jamie likes to lay on the ground a lot.

Jamie is also vain. This is the 10th picture we took before he was satisfied with his appearance; after all, he does work as a male model on the side. Only joking of course! (about it being the 10th picture. It was actually the 15th).

Thanks for following along with me on my recording adventure. More to come soon . . .


  1. Looks fabulous! I'm excited to hear your new album, I've loved the songs you've had on your music player. Hope you're not missing the family too much...

  2. Mindy! I love how you share with us the production of your album. I wish you all the best in this new project.

  3. I'm totally jealous that you are in summer-wear. Short sleeves, no boots or gloves? How would it be? ;)

  4. Dude, sing me a song. Blow my mind. I am ready to feel the Sherman thunder. Good luck.

  5. Just listened to a couple of the songs Stuart had a hand in the other day... Nice pleading/chasing or whatever it took..he's definitely got it!

    Hope you guys are feeling it in the studio. I'm excited for you, and I'm excited for the rest of us who get to hear what comes out. :)

    It's Elemental!

  6. Is Jamie drinking my beloved Pink Bev? (aka Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy)

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments.

    Travis, you are such a sweet heart. I like you.