Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Courage to Shine

(First time meeting fan and new friend, Jane Marie Smith.)

The "Courage to Shine" benefit concert for Bulgarian orphanages was one of the best performance experiences I've ever had. The crowd was awesome. Thank you so much to all who came and supported this cause. I thought you might like to see the evening in photos.

Scarfed a Gandolfo's sub backstage inbetween songs. I was starving!

Ryan Tilby delivered the goods on his sparkly, silver bass.

Who doesn't love Peter Breinholt? Always a favorite.

Jeremy Barron - the man behind the curtain.

Russ Dixon makes a surprise appearance.

Sam Payne: one of the most talented and genuine people I know.

Deborah Gardener, CEO of One Heart Bulgaria (left) and Kelly King Anderson, founder of Startup Princess and board member of One Heart Bulgaria (right). These are the ladies with whom I traveled across the world with and visited the orphanages. Find Deborah on the cover of "Wasatch Woman" magazine in news stands right now!

P.S. I posted a brand new song on the music player to the right. My friend Aaron Ashton wrote this song for his album, "Split the Difference." If you don't know Aaron, you MUST hear his work on the violin. He is unmatched in talent and you will love his music. Check it out on itunes!


  1. Loved, loved, loved you in the concert the other night! You sure seemed like you were having a great time. I listened to the recording of the concert today and was very moved again by your song "All About Your Heart" and what you said about the orphans before you sang it. That is a very powerful song. How do you do it? How do you create such beautiful songs? What a gift you have. You are really making it Mindy! I love you for all you have sacrificed and given to this cause. Bless you forever!

  2. Ran across your blog... Sounds like it was a great event! Thanks for the Gandolfo's love! :)

    Leigh Pinkston
    Franchise Marketing Coordinator for Gandolfo's

  3. that's a great song, are you gonna use it on your album?

  4. Love Sam Payne. He was my seminary teacher back in high school. He was my favorite, because he always brought his guitar in to class to sing to us :) Good memories.

  5. You look beautiful! Wish I could have seen it! We were onstage at the same time, probably...

  6. I am so happy to have my picture on your blog! It was great to finally meet you in person a little better. The only other time I kind of met you was back in 2004 when I gave you a plate of dinner one night at my Youth Conference. Haha. Sooo special.

  7. Our family is (are?) big Sam Payne fans from way back (as long as he's been playing in Utah Valley, anyway), and we like Peter Brienholt, too. So we were way excited to go to the benefit concert. And we loved Sam (who, as I told him afterward, never disappoints) and Peter. But perhaps the happiest thing of the evening was discovering YOU! We bought the album, and you signed it for us. We have been listening to it nonstop since then. Yesterday we had friends over for dinner, and played it for them. Their reaction was the same as our kids': How come this lady is not a WAY famous recording star?! I suppose that the answer to that question is that we all don't understand very much about how one BECOMES a way famous recording star. It obviously takes more than just TONS of talent, 'cause that you got. Our kids (and our guests last night) have concluded that perhaps it's just like it is with Sam Payne: you COULD be a WAY famous recording artist, but you're choosing not to because you have better priorities than that. (I guess you can just tell yourself that the next time you feel disgruntled about how much success your career is giving you versus how much it OUGHT to be giving you.) Rest assured that you have some SERIOUS fans that really LOVE your music, and are anxiously awaiting your next album (and the next time you appear with Sam Payne).

  8. Who is this anonymous person that just left a comment and WHY are we not best friends??? Thank you for your very kind words. Make no mistake, I would very much like to be a way famous recording artist. Actually, famous isn't really the right word. I'd like to be making projects that are played in major motion pictures. You don't necessarily have to be famous for that. It's something I'm working towards. Knock on wood. Thanks again for your words. I am a sucker for flattery ;-)

  9. It's anonymous me again. (Sadly I could not get back to your blog earlier, but often I just struggle trying to get life done, never mind getting to do fun things like read your blog.) I'm listening to your album right now and thinking about how much I'd love to see a movie with your music behind it--or even in front of it (does the movie showcase the music or vice versa?). Why the interest in movie soundtracks? And the bigger question: how do those of us that ache to get our art out to the world do that? Come to think of it, why do we ache to get it out to the world? Could it not be enough to just soak ourselves in it for the pure experience of it, like the perfect bath? There is a special delight in seeing a shooting star and knowing that no one else saw it, isn't there? Is sharing art like sharing a shooting star? It often seems that unpredictable. One thing I know as I sit here hearing you singing, filling my ears and my heart with "...where hopes and dreams and angels' wings are common things...": I'm glad that somehow I looked at the sky at just the right moment to see the shooting star that is Mindy Gledhill. I wish for meteor showers that rival the sunrise.

  10. Hello Mindy! I love your voice. Random question.... I love your dress in these pictures where did you get it?