Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recording: Day 3

Lots of keyboards today.


Vintage Casios.

Guitar also made an appearance or two.

I asked Stu who painted his Hammond.
"The crazy lady next door," he replied.

Then I asked him where he got the two Hammonds in his studio.
"The keys player for the Wallflowers gave them to me."

I think I've only seen him wear shoes one time. Such is the life of a Californian.


  1. Wow, Mindy! It looks like you're having so much fun! :)

    I also saw -- Stu? -- someone had a TAYLOR guitar... yeah. Thought I'd mention that's the brand of my dream-guitar.

    Oh, and the Wallflowers are rockin'. :)
    --Sarah Hart <3

  2. I have a question, that little keyboard you have taken several pictures of, and please don't take this offensively because I really want to know. Does that thing even make any noise worth hearing? I mean is that a real instrument studio's use or is like just something you get a toys R us? I've recorded a few records and I've never seen something like before in the studio. Could you describe it a little, or what you are using it for?