Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monster Lashes

Last month, I took myself out to get eyelash extensions for my birthday. The idea was to try something fun and new. But me, oh my, them suckers was so huge, they'da reached out and snatched you up for supper! They annoyed me so badly that I ended up yanking them out one by one over the following weeks.

Moral of the story: To thine own eyelashes be true.


  1. I do lash extensions and have had them done before. When I got them done it was a love/hate relationship. I loved how they looked but hated how high maintenance they were! I feel so bad you ended up pulling them out - ouch! You should have gone back to the person who did them and had them remove them for you to save your poor lashes. And maybe they should have started you out with shorter lashes. They can take some time to get use to, especially the longer ones. Sorry you didn't have a good experience with them. I'm hoping your frustration has more to do with just the newness of them and irritation with having them be so long, and not with having them put on improperly. But in the lashes defense they do look pretty hot :). Maybe next time just go for the removable false ones :).

  2. Hi Mindy,
    Sorry they didn't work for you, but I tend to agree...keep with what you have.
    You are beautiful just the way you are!!
    Just sitting here listening to your song "Long Lost Child". Oh my, I LOVE that song.
    Have a blessed day,

  3. Mindy! I know what you mean about those things. My mom had them applied a few months ago and they started periodically falling out! She swore she did everything right and it just killed her to avoid rubbing her eyes every now and then! I wanted to thank you for the inspiration I feel as I play your music over and over on Spotify! I can sit there into the wee hours of the night enjoying the pure talent you posses. My favorite is Hourglass and I adore. Okay, that's enough of the cheesiness. Amber

  4. lol :) I had a similar experience with acrylic nails. They drove me crazy and I slowly picked at them until I got them off. Gotta love the natural route, if nothing else it's usually more comfortable.