Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life Coach

When I first knew that I wanted to be an independent artist and record pop songs, it was a rather frightening notion. I had a record deal making Christian music and I had made up stories in my mind that my fellow Christians would judge me wrongly for pursuing a new musical path. I feared that the good friends at my record label who had worked so hard to help build my career would disown me if I chose a different path. I'm not sure how Tony Litster showed up in my life at that time, but he has taught me that when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. And that he did.

Tony is an amazing mentor with a gift for revealing eye-opening perspectives on life. He showed me that I had been making up false stories about my life, allowing those stories to pre-determine the outcome of all I did. He also showed me the power of my speech and how my negative speech habits were not serving me. Through his mentoring, I gained the courage to create a vision for the life I wanted without being afraid to carry it out.

Tony has coached me through the creative process that yielded my two independent albums: "Feather in the Wind," and "Anchor." Tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th) he is giving a workshop to artists through the Soundcheck Series at Metcom Studios in Salt Lake City at 7 PM. It's only $25. I'll be there too.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Mindy! Looking forward to seeing you! (BTW- what are you doing up at 4am posting on your blog??)


  2. Mindy Congradulations on your third baby. My name is Ashley Lisonbee. I am Andrew Youngs(lived in your basement) older sister. I am married have 3 children and was introduced to your song "I will rest in you," from a dear friend. I have a past of multiple near death health issues and many other difficult trials, and was so touched by your song. I am now dancing again, of which I never dreamed I would, with a company called Diamond Dance. We do productions for the church to help and uplift women through dance and music. I was wondering if I might be able to use your song to choreograph a dance piece to with a minus track so the singers could sing your song, or maybe you would want to come sing?If you want you can go to the blog www.diamonddanceco.blogspot.com

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  4. It's great that a life coach who has been like a father to you taught you to speak positively and helped you on your career. I hope you succeed as a singer-songwriter.

  5. Hey this is great news. Good thing you got a life coach who can motivate you to be creative and confident. I'm sure you'll achieve your goal in life. :)