Monday, July 2, 2012

Marbleized Paper

Every summer I set aside some time to make marbleized paper.  Somehow, the process is so soothing to me.  Perhaps it's the swirl of the paint in the dipping trays, or the way the excess color melts away when I rinse the paper in the water bath.  It takes preparation.  It takes patience.  But the results are stunning.

After I've hung my papers out to dry, I iron them and cut them into note cards.  Pairing them with vellum envelopes makes the most impressive stationary.  

We'll be making these papers in one of our workshops in Morocco for the Casbah Creative Retreat.  If you'd like to steal away to Morocco with myself and April Meeker in October for our art retreat, there are just two spots left.  Click HERE for more details.