Monday, November 5, 2012

We Became Sisters

Out of all the women that signed up to come to Morocco for our creative retreat, I only knew one of them and no one came knowing anyone else in the group.  We had women from Australia, England, Washington D.C., Oregon, Washington state, California and Utah.  Everyone was from a different background and lifestyle.  It was so perfect.  The beauty of this retreat was that at first glance, we were all so diverse. But after  spending time together in close company, it became evident just how much we really had in common.  I soaked up the time that was spent in the creative workshops we held.  Witnessing everyone's style in how they create was inspiring and reminded me to always respect and appreciate what others have to offer through art.

We created art, roamed the souks, rode camels in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, had our hands and arms painted in henna, ate Lamb Tagine in the company of belly dancers, paused in reverence during the Islamic call to prayer and became sisters in the middle of an olive grove under the Moroccan sun.

If you are interested in joining April Meeker and I on a similar creative retreat next year, email April at and mention this blog post.