Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Album Recording, Part 4!

I love recording music!  Enjoy a little summary of what I've recorded and meet my guitarist, Joe Corcoran! I'm embarking upon a two week break from the studio right now, but I'll be here in Nashville with my boys climbing trees, chasing fireflies, and eating fried okra.  You can follow the adventures here, on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and especially, Instagram! I love Instagram. (@mindygledhill). 

To pre-order the new album, visit www.pledgemusic.com/mindygledhill.

Thanks for following along!


  1. You should definitely do the "stop complaining stupid face" song...it would be a hit :)

  2. Can't wait to hear the studio version of BooHoo.

  3. Your updates make my day. And yay for red doors!

  4. Mindy! I've been really out of the loop with everything you're doing since we moved out here to the boonies, NM a year ago and became farming countryfolk :) But yesterday in my Youtube browsing for a lulluby to put my son to sleep (baby girl was already down), I came across what looked like YOU holding an umbrella on an album cover...and sure enough it WAS! I clicked on it and listend to your song "hourglass" while rocking Enoc and watching his little eyes brighten up as I caught the chorus and tried to sing along...then he dozed off. What a BEAUTIFUL song....just so heartfelt and...perfect. Now it's 4am and I couldn't sleep with those lyrics running over and over in my head...so here I am, up on the computer browsing through my son's pictures to work on his 2yr slideshow...anxious to add your song to the "soundtrack" of his 2nd year of life. I'm anxious to browse more tomorrow and see what other amazing music you've created. Have a beautiful time with your boys in Nashville. Thanks for all the time and heart you put into your music career...it surely touches many lives. Love ya :)

  5. I am finding myself rather regularly of late turning to these three creative music makers. They have been and continue to be a balm with their healing music.