Friday, July 17, 2009

Scrambled Prayers

Frankfurt Cathedral, March 2009

This morning as I scrambled eggs at the stove, the Glediator raced into the kitchen in a flying hurry for work. He put his arms around me as he offered up a hasty prayer, while I stirred the eggs with my eyes closed.

"You're going to hell for stirring the eggs during the prayer," he joked afterward. (If I am going to hell for anything, it won't be for stirring the eggs during the prayer.)

"Well, you're going to hell for always being in such a mad hurry for work every morning," I shot back.

I hope the Glediator and I do not go to hell. But I think we have some work to do.

My thoughts wander back a few months to the cathedral in Frankfurt, Germany. I had a five hour delay at the airport during some travels and I ventured out into the city with some friends. Having lived in Spain, I have seen many cathedrals, and every one fills my whole being with reverence and wonder. As I quietly marveled over paintings, tombs and statues, I peered into a small side chapel and saw two boys, about twelve years of age, kneeling in prayer over an altar. With my breath stolen, I wept at the sight, grateful that there is still faith in the hearts of the children in this world.

I doubt I would have been so moved had the boys been scrambling eggs over the altar. I am very glad that there is 24 hour service in heaven and that I can pray wherever and whenever I need to, but I am resolving to be more thoughtful in the way I approach my Maker.


  1. You're an awesome person and a blogger.

    Where in Spain did you live?

  2. Germany was the last place in Europe I was fortunate to visit prior to my new chaotic journey. The cathedrals within its old cobblestone streets are stunning and surreal. There's nothing like Europe.

    Looking forward to some new music... All the best Mindy!!

  3. Espinozas, you are great.

    Ambriz Fam, I lived in Madrid for three years in high school. What ever happened to the iphone app idea? Perhaps we could do a trade?

    Paul, I just love you. Thanks for stopping in.

  4. So many more people need to pray!

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

  5. Thanks for sharing that sweet photo and experience with us. And I say a hearty amen to being able to pray whenever and wherever. Great post!

  6. mindy. your blog inspires me. thank you.

  7. Aw, Arica. I miss you you! I love reading your blog too. I think we should go into business together and create a line of home decor :-)

  8. You rock! I love reading your blog.

  9. dear mindy,

    thank you for making such fabulous music. :)
    you are amazing!
    i love your blog as well.


    love, katelyn

  10. "My Breath Was Stolen" sounds like a beautiful song... xoxo

  11. What an awesome memory Mindy! And you are such an amazing singer! You brought tears to my eyes at the Nie Benefit concert. Scottie and I just had to buy both of your CD's! I was shocked to see, in your previous post, the mountain of laundry thrown down the stairs...I thought I was the only one who did that :) I feel this sorting process is very's good to know that someone else finds it useful as well :)

  12. Fia! It's so good to hear from you. I wish I had seen you at the concert. Thanks for leaving a comment :-)

  13. Hola Mindy!! Muchas gracias por compartir, una preciosa experiencia sin duda!! De todas maneras tu musica es una oracion, asi k se puede decir que siempre estas orando!!

  14. Me too! I need that closeness that sometimes gets pushed aside in a busy day. Beautiful shot of the boys praying.

  15. Life really has a way of throwing stones into our glass houses. At times it requires of us things that seem too hard to bear and other times it gives us the sweetest ability to see past things known to find out that what lies beyond our sight was more amazing than we could have imagined.
    I like it when it does that.
    Thanks for the "amazing" post!
    ~Melinda Costa