Monday, July 6, 2009

The Third of July

In my town, Provo, the third of July is every bit as fun as the fourth. Hosts of people, young and old, swarm to University Avenue and stake their claim on any patch of grass or sidewalk they can find to save a spot for the Grand Parade that takes place on the Fourth. The Glediator's family happens to own a business on Univeristy Ave. So we claimed our land, pitched our tents and set up the most delicious snack stand around. Allow me to share a few photos of a most enjoyable family tradition:

Don't say it. I know. I'm too foxy in these glasses. One of the highlights of my weekend celebration was the vintage boutique held at The Velour on University Ave.

Owner, Cory Fox, is always so animated! Don't be too happy now, Cory.

Back at the Cherry Lane Snack Stand on University, expert snow cone makers, Van and Malloy, show up to help out.

We stuffed ourselves silly with crepes. (In this photo: long-time family friend, Lawnie, enjoys a raspberry filled crepe).

Then . . . we ate more crepes.

I ran into fellow Tree Streeter, Simy Gart, owner and chef at Rooster, a delicious new Asian restaurant on University. She is so lovely.

Opera singer (and next-door-neighbor) Fauneil Purcell performed at the Jamestown Village on Center Street.

Anne Eggertsen of Anne's Cake Creations brought down her famous cookies and cupcakes to the snack stand.

Heaven help me.

When it got dark, Nikki and I went into the Boutique to play dress up.

Becky Ellis (of Apple Ave.) is an amazing sport about going through chemotherapy. She came down to help out and joked around with everybody. I love that woman.

Can't celebrate without glow sticks.

Friends and Tree Streeters, Cindy and son, Andrew Clark whizz by on a scooter.

Best weekend of my life.


  1. Thanks for sharing I look foward to your musings!

  2. Thanks Camille. I appreciate your sweet comments. It's been rather quiet around here lately.

  3. Fantastic photos, Mindy. The 4th of July has long been my favorite holiday, and this year was no exception. Didn't make it to the crepe stand. Maybe next year...

  4. You looked so awesome in your costume Fauneil!