Wednesday, November 4, 2009


What's going on in this picture?

Looks sort of exciting, right?

This was a shoot I did back in March this year for KBYU television. The idea was to have children interview a professional about their career (that part was pre-taped) and then air it in between PBS Kids segments of Arthur, Word Girl, Angelina Ballerina, etc.


It never aired. It's not like I lost sleep over that, but I have scratched my head a few times, wondering what happened to that footage.

In fact, a flood of events come to mind of instances where I put my heart and soul into something much more emotional than the above scenario, only to later conclude that it just wasn't going anywhere. But now and again, I receive epiphanies from on high that make me realize that my efforts are not spent in vain. For example, this week I will be singing for the vice president of ASCAP. Over the last few years I've sung in the offices of record executives from labels like Columbia, Sony and Interscope. Those meetings eventually went nowhere. But the good news is, I'm not really that nervous to sing for the VP of ASCAP this week. I think I would be if I hadn't been put in those high pressure situations before.

My Aunt Rosemarie said to me a few months ago, "The key to happiness in life is flexibility." I could have kissed her when she said that. In fact, I think I did. Being flexible to whatever comes at you works wonders. So what kinds of things have you invested your whole self into, with little to no results? A relationship? A career path? A financial investment? I'm here to tell you: don't sweat it.

Your ability to be flexible with the outcome will always yield positive results in one form or another.


  1. Wow. This is JUST what I needed to hear today. Yay! And thanks...

  2. That is why my mom rocks. Yep, and you do too. I know all about flexible. My life looks nothing like I thought it would, but you know what? That is ok.

  3. Oh yeah, and I've never heard of her refered to as "Aunt Rosemarie." I almost though, gee, who's that?

  4. Being flexible is something that I am in the process of learning. I am currently attending school at Utah State University studying interior design and architecture. Just recently we had our "Review" (which I totally put my heart, soul, time, money, sleepless nights, sweat, and many tears might I add!) where we are put into different emphasises of the program, well sadly I didn't get into the emphasis that I had hoped for. I was devastated and it still really sucks sometimes but through this experience I've learned a lot about myself. Life doesn't go as you plan so you go to Plan B, but I am finding out that I've always been on Plan A just not on my Plan A. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want, thank goodness someone greater and grander than I knows what is best for me. As long as the end result or goal is the same, the journey of getting there doesn't matter.

  5. Hi Mindy,
    I'm a fan of yours and love your blog. I've never posted before, but just thought I'd share this with you. My Mission President's wife used to say, "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape." I thought that was hilarious and you might like it!

  6. Amen to all of it, Mindy. If I was not flexible, I would be insane.

  7. You are so wise Mindy! Love this post. LOVE IT. And I love that gloriously beautiful window you are sitting by! I could take a kazillion photos there. You are so beautiful!

  8. Very Inspirational post!
    Loved it, great reminder!
    A silly example of putting my heart and sweat into something for no avail, was the day I spent working on a large crockpot of chili for the Ward Chili Cook-off. I started with beans from scratch and added a little of this and a little of that and a little of this and a little of that, all day long, envisioning the grand prize. Well no one ever even got to taste my chili, but I smelled it for weeks because it tipped over in the back of my mini-van on the way to the church. Yes, I learned crockpots Tip! I didn't want to make chili for a long time after that! I've learned it is important to not to put your heart and soul into too frivolous of things, like Ward Cook-offs. Glad I don't have that mini-van any longer!

  9. Many times I've thought about the repercussions of flexibility. I find my legs are wobbly from stretching. My arms feel like jello...and at some point, I swear, my back will break from being inverted. I find myself growing skeptical of the remedy of flexibility. Sometimes it is nice to just dig my heels in and say "NO! You will NOT do anything but what I want." I see some people who are so flexible I worry they don't actually have a spine.

    So, while I recognize flexibility is great and an essential quality to get through life, I also see that the moments are there where flexibility is not the way to go. Honestly, I feel like the person who has been so flexible for so long that I have lost that muscle tone needed to hold my bones up straight. And then there are times when, because of my own flexibility, I have found a different place for my feet to reside and find that standing in THAT spot is much easier to do. That the gravity isn't as strong and I am lifted.

    ok - enough of my silly poetics. Because of my own 'flexibility' I have found an extremely creative new venture that is needed where I am. I am going to start doing makeup artistry. Don't laugh! It can be very creative. Which I need right now. Through my research I found this blog for a really cute makeup artist ...who...and this is the small world we live in...just found Nienie's site and was totally inspired by it. I thought of you immediately because that was how I found out about Nienie. This is a link to the should definitely read it
    Reminded me of how much one life can touch many. Anyway, I hope you don't mind...but I'm stealing my first few paragraphs to put on my own blog...I like how you make me think.

  10. I love that gloriously beautiful window you are sitting by! I could take a kazillion photos there. You are so beautiful!
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