Sunday, November 15, 2009


I met singer-songwriter, Pitch, at the Taxi Road Rally

A week ago I came home digesting a multitude of thoughts from an educational feast at the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles. It took me nearly a week to get my groove back after which I attended yet another conference for women entrepreneurs (more on that soon!). If you are in the music industry, or are aspiring to be, I highly recommend the TAXI Road Rally. There were some great classes and some just so-so, but the real value lies in the networking. I met some fabulous people, and got invited to perform for some workshops by Ralph Murphy (VP of ASCAP).

I knew I needed to find a guitarist to play for me for Ralph's workshops, so I wandered on over to the open mic the first night there. After an hour of of scouting, I told myself I was going to bed if the next guitarist didn't knock my socks off. To my great fortune, the next guy was the Real McCoy and I nearly rushed the stage like a crazed teenager after he sang his song, "Skippin'."

Me and Pitch with VP of ASCAP, Ralph Murphy

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Pitch."

If I could bottle Pitch up and label the ingredients, it would say something like this:

23-year-old San Diego native, student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, 1/4 Japanese, fearless performer, big dreamer, creamy voice, follower of Christ, former Worship Leader for Presbyterian Church, "Christ the King," lives in the "Justice House of Prayer" in Boston, will always devote his life to Worship, mentor and advisor to students at Berklee, loves the women in his life (mom and grandmother).

Thanks for going out on a limb and collaborating with me at the rally, Pitch. Please enjoy this clip of Pitch singing "Skippin'" at the TAXI Road Rally 2009 (but please forgive my borderline offensive camera skills.)

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  1. Mindy! I need a "Mindy" fix. What's up, lady?

  2. I know this is a random comment, but I was wondering if you do benefit/fundraising concerts? I'm trying to find a way to raise money to help a family in need. I don't really know what goes into things like this, but if you do and you are willing to help me, please email me at Thank you!
    ps. I'm not a complete stranger. I was in the BYU third ward with your sisters and with Dustin Gledhill (and his sister too). I miss the tree streets of Provo and my time at BYU...oh the memories.