Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recording Week 3: Pellet Guns and Aussies (The Cliff's Notes Version)

Week 3 on my album started out with a bang when I became the target for a teenage boy and his pellet gun late one night. I was sitting out in my car right outside the studio, talking on the phone when I heard what sounded like rocks being thrown at my window. I looked out and saw nothing, so I proceeded to chat away. Then, a laser beam in my eyes followed suit and I traced it's path up to a bedroom window across the street and saw the little buggar pointing his gun at me. No worries. I called my bodyguard, Mr. Drew Harris, out to the street to protect me.

The next most exciting thing that happened last week was that Joe Corcoran came back to track some more guitars. He is quite the versatile musician having worked with the likes of Korn to Dave Matthews to the sugar pop teen sensation, Ashley Tisdale. And boy, oh boy, does he do Sesame Street impersonations like no one else I've ever seen!

Thursday found me in vintage dresses and cat eye glasses doing a photo shoot at the Santa Monica Pier. I ran into a bubbly group of Australians visiting L.A. for the first time. They were so kind and invited me to dine with them a dozen times but I alas, I could not stay. So they handed me a pair of their crazy glasses instead and settled for a photo. Have a lovely trip guys!

Now I'm home for a bit, then back to L.A. to record the remainder of the album. Stay tuned!


  1. Post a clip already! suspence killed the cat, not curiosity.
    The website says a clip of anchor is on the blog, but I can't find it.

  2. You're so much cooler than Korn or Ashley Tisdale.

  3. You must have read a VERY old post, eledezma. I had to take it off for legal reasons, but you will hear the real recording soon!

    Vern, I take great comfort in knowing that someone thinks I am cooler than anybody at all, let alone Korn and Ashley Tisdale :-)