Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is Rigby.

Rigby is the dog that lives at the studio where I am recording my album. Tonight I just want to be him and lay on the floor and sleep until my heart's content.

Have you ever tried to do too many things at once when your energy would be better spent by focusing on the few things that really matter? Rigby does not do that--another reason why I would like to be him at present.

But fleas and dog breath I do not wish to have.


  1. Yes I totally get this!
    I just need the wisdom to know what the things are!

  2. So... this comment pretty much has nothing to do with Rigby, but he is pretty cute, and I agree that from time to time it would be nice to have that solitary focus.

    I was reading back though some of your older posts and stumbled upon the "5 daily successes" lists - I think I only managed to comment on one of those when you were writing them. It reminded me once again how easy it is to let all the stresses of a busy life keep myself from noticing the good moments.

    I can't say I've ever spent any time in a studio, recording my soul for the world to hear, but I'd imagine it can be a bit stressful at times, trying to share your innermost joys and fears with a world who doesn't know you. I'm posting this little list of my successes to remind myself of the good that comes each day and in hopes that you'll have a moment in the chaos to find your small but joyous moments.

    1. Had time to eat breakfast before work
    2. Got to take the kids outside!
    3. Calmed my adorable new little girl as she cried at naptime and let her fall asleep on my lap
    4. Had time for a quick nap at lunch
    5. Restrained my temper as a coworker made me feel undermined and small.
    6. (One to grow on?) Did my best to follow our ward RS motto - "Never deny a generous thought"

  3. I think it would be weirder if I had human breath. Or flea breath. Just sayin.

  4. But, even weirder is the fact that you can read and write. Oh, Rigby, you've got me laughing now, you silly dog.