Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CBC Paparazzi

Last Friday I had a BLAST with the ladies at the Casual Blogger Conference. I stole all of their photos off of Twitter and Facebook. Who snapped this one of me tweeting during my set?
Sarah of That's who.

Who is everyone's favorite blogger that happens to play the bass and used to be in a band called "Garage Sale?" Jenny Eckton of That's who. (Yeah, she said their posters really confused people.)
(Top photo courtesy of Marie LeBaron of Bottom photo by Shelle Blok of

Who has pretty blue eyes and a sassy little blog? Jessica Lowe of That's who.

Who would like to thank you for such a delightful time? Me. That's who.

P.S. Thanks to MakeItWorkMom, we now have video footage:


  1. ur awesome sister! i wish we lived near so we could be irl bff's for eternity :) thanks for a rad time.

  2. ps. i wrote about u on my family blog too. good times.

  3. You're incredible. What an honor and privilege to perform with you -- I hope to again and again and again . . .

    AND I canNOT wait for that CD to be released this summer! Great job, Friend!

  4. You are so awesome...and I'm so glad that I got to meet you, and listen to you play! Your glasses are so dreamy!

    Have so much fun in Paris! I'm totally jealous.

    I also blogged about you on my Goodnight moon blog!

    Peace, love and chicken grease!

  5. Oh I loved it just so so much :)

  6. I LOVED your set, bought your CD, made my family go vote for you in Lilleth Fair Contest, bought the California track (wish I could buy the others NOW... ) and CAN NOT wait for AUG 4!! Thanks for sharing your incredible talents with us! (((HUGS)))

  7. You've got some serious talent, Mindy! I laughed, I cried, I videotaped. Can NOT wait for your new album to come out!! Loved IT! Thanks for coming!

  8. I just tucked my daughter in, and we held hands while we listened to "Long lost child". Can I just say how absolutely...everything...that song, and the entire album is? I seldom buy new CD's because more often than not, I'm disappointed and feel lucky if I like 1/2 of one song. I bought your CD at the Bloggers Conference and have worn. it. out. I know you must hear it often, but surely one more time can't hurt~YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!

  9. Hey, I love your glasses, have you mentioned where you got them in the past? x