Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Miracle

If there's one thing I've learned lately, it's this: when you resist and fear the obstacles in your life that you cannot control, you actually magnify them. So, when I woke up on Saturday morning (the day of my first sold out Valentine's show) without a voice, I told myself not to worry about it and I asked if the universe might be trying to teach me something from this experience.

I decided to just trust that the reason why this was happening would eventually be revealed to me. After the entire day went by and my voice worsened every hour, I did begin to fret about what would happen on stage when I opened my mouth to sing with no sound coming out. But I had made up my mind to trust, and that's really all I could do.

In short, I did get on that stage, and I witnessed one of the most beautiful experiences in my career as a musician. I asked my audience if they would support me and sing my concert with me. They were amazing and from start to finish they sang every song with me WORD. FOR. WORD. So, no, my voice didn't magically come back, but the people whom I hoped would find meaning in my songs when I was originally writing them, sang them to me. And through that experience, I understood that I needed to lose my voice in order to be reminded that it's never about me. As my friend Trina Harmon always says, "I am the faucet, not the water."
(SO happy that Joe Corcoran could come out from L.A. to play this show with me. Joe played all the guitars, horns and bass on my album).

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovely friends. I'm hoping to see many of you tonight at another one of these "sing-alongs" for my Valentine's Day Concert at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo. Buy tickets HERE for $12 or at the door for $15. (Includes dessert!).


  1. That's really sweet, Mindy. Happy Valentine's Day, and best wishes for tonight's show.

  2. That's the best kind of valentines day, one where we can experience the love of others.

  3. Mindy, I was at the concert, the crazy girl you asked to take pictures of the show with your phone. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing evening it was. Your music is so inspiring to me and you have been my favorite from the moment I first heard you. Thank you for inviting us to sing with you. It was a magical night for me! Hope you are feeling better for tonight!

  4. Mindy, I wanted to tell you just how important you have been in our house. I just finished Chiropractic school in St Louis, MO the end of last year and I asked my wife to move away from all her friends in MO. We sold our house and in 10 days we were in Utah! It was a very fast move! Your music is what helped her navigate this trial. It kept her in good spirits and calm when she needed it. And as a husband I thank you for that, your music did what I could not at the time. You are amazing and your concert converted me from "the husband of a fan" to a fan myself. Again Thank you!

  5. I took my husband to your concert for an early Valentine night out. It was so much fun. Both of us really loved the way you turned a not-ideal situation into a very memorable and fun night! We had a blast! Wishing you the best for tonight!

  6. My daughter is in one of your pictures!

    Hi from Las Vegas, Mindy.

  7. LOVED this concert!!! So much fun! :)

  8. Woo! I was there! That is MY thumb up in the air!

    Thanks so much for a fun concert; it was a really good time :]

  9. Mindy it was amazing being there thanks for not canceling, i took my cousins and a friend of mine to the concert and we love it my cousin jessica bought the music and she did a great job 'cause now she can play your music on piano and with her ukulele ... I love your music
    Regards from MEXICO