Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wax Paper Hearts: A Valentine Tradition

Every year when Valentine's Day approaches, we make wax paper hearts here at the Gledhill home. I love how easy, inexpensive and beautiful they are.
First, fold a piece of wax paper in half, then open it back up. Shave different colored crayons onto one half of the paper with a knife.
Fold the wax paper back over to cover up the crayon shavings. Gently place the paper on an ironing board that you have covered w/ a cloth. Place another cloth over the wax paper and iron it smoothly until all the crayon shavings have melted.
Cut out your heart with a pair of scissors. Then, hold your heart up to the light and examine it to see how the colors bleed and glow. (There's a metaphor in there somewhere).
Hang them in the window . . .
and notice how they warm up the tone in your home . . .
Happy Valentine's.

P.S. A lot of you have emailed me about my sold out Valentine's show at Velour in Provo, UT this Saturday. I am opening up a limited number of tickets that will be sold at the door only. So come early (doors open at 7:30) if you'd like to get in. Can't wait!


  1. Hey, great idea! This sounds like fun. Thanks for the instructions!

    And yes...there's got to be a metaphor in there somewhere, haha!

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  3. Hey Mindy, how did I not know you did this? We did this for the first time this year and loved it! Yours look beautiful. See you in March. Cami

  4. i am totally doing this tonight. Thanks for sharing!!