Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Plans

My Lovelies,

I had one of the most endearing concerts I've ever had last night at Velour. Thanks to all who came. If you missed it, then you might like this tidbit of news:

TONIGHT: I am giving a FREE workshop on developing your talents at the oh, so darling Cherry Lane Keepsakes Boutique on 500 N. and University Ave. in Provo, UT. I'll share my story of how I became a singer-songwriter and recording artist and give you tips on how to develop your own talents while building self-confidence. And yes, I'll be singing a few songs as well. This would be the perfect girls' night out. (But gentlemen, you can totally come too). The workshop starts at 7 PM. Come one, come all!

And now, a few photos of last night's show:

The crowd!

Julie Feeney and her rainbow stockings are amazing.

Me and Julie!

Had the honor of singing "Saddest Song" with Parlor Hawk.


  1. My girls and husband went last night to the Velour --- I sadly had to miss -- but they LOVED it!! We just recently discovered your amazing music and now it is all that plays on our ipods, car stereo, computer -- you are a breath of fresh air to listen to. Please keep singing and writing new songs -- we are truly a FAN!!

  2. I was so happy to be there last night! My sister surprised me for my birthday and we drove an hour to see you. Not to mention we're front and center in your pic above. And thanks for the easter egg--it was delish. The show was fantastic! You're amazing!

  3. Yep. I need to live in Provo. That or you need to move to Ogden and do your workshops up here! I am sad I missed it!

  4. I was there!!! And then I posted about it on my blog. I loved getting to FINALLY hear you live! It was wonderful!