Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life in Lavender

One of my favorite remedies for soothing an achy body during pregnancy was a warm bath with a generous sprinkle of lavender oil swirled in. It only seemed fitting when my friend, Jefra Starr Linn, called me up and asked if she could steal me away for an afternoon of photos in Mona, Utah's lavender fields. Jefra has a special way of getting me off my rear end when I can come up with a hundred reasons why I can't find time for pictures, and I'm always so glad she wins out. After all, I'm using one of her photos from a shoot last winter as the cover of my upcoming Christmas album. Stay tuned!

The boys came along and played hide-and-seek in the flowers . . .

. . . and wallowed in the mud like two little piglets.

Mr. Charming was there too. He knows how to get me smiling. See?

See again? I guarantee he was making some obscene gesture in the background.

A million thanks to Jefra for taking my first maternity pictures ever. Why, oh why did I wait to document this incredible time of life until my third child? YOU should not wait. See more of Jefra's work and find her contact information here if you are looking for a tall, smiley, pixie-haired photographer to capture your life's best moments.


  1. Beautiful photos! The one of you and Mr. Charming is my fave. Someday I'm going to have Jefra do my photos. She's amazing! (Of course, you're the perfect subject!)

  2. I'm obsessed with the lavender fields down (way down) in Mona. I always go to Vegas to visit my parents around the time that they are in bloom and drool over them as I drive by.

    You are beautiful, that's for sure. These photos are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Love them and you.

    And in case you are checking my blog and are finding that it's no long accessible, I had to change blog address because I was hacked. Here's my new address, lovely:

  4. Lavender is frequently used in our home :) Your pics are lovely!

  5. these are beautiful! congrats on your newest single!

  6. Wonderful pictures and when is the Christmas album coming out.Christmas is always a special time for me(I have already started listening to some):)