Thursday, September 29, 2011

Date Night

I haven't been myself for a while now. It comes with the territory of having a new baby. Some days I feel so beat up from the lack of sleep and trying to meet the demands of those who are feeling neglected in this family while juggling the upcoming release of Winter Moon. I can't remember the last time my husband and I went on a date. I called him up today while he was at work and said:

"If I could find someone to take our kids tonight for a bit, what could we go do?"

He paused for a minute. Then responded:

"We could go play laser tag . . . or go to the Nickelcade . . . or paint ceramics at "Color Me Mine."

I laughed and pointed out that it's been way too long since we did something without kids. So I made a few calls and my lovely sister Marni obliged to taking the wee ones for an hour and a half.

What kind of date can you go on in 90 minutes? This is the part where you leave me suggestions in the comments section.


  1. Oceanside least that's what we do here. Or a mini surf session together. Or a walk alone together, holding hands. Or go out for ice cream and swing sets. Or a movie. Or just walk around Target together and look around without having kids pull on you or complain. I could just sit in a car and do nothing if it meant having no kids for 90 minutes! Hahaha!

    Glad you and the Mr. got to go out for a bit.

  2. Go to the office park in Springville and feed the ducks and geese. Some times there are even pelicans there. Drive to Sundance and/or Bridal Veil Falls. Just sit together, snuggle, and talk. For me, I need to have some type of treat on a date--even if it is just an ice cream cone, a donut, or a thick Oreo shake. :)

  3. Most scenic park you can find with the best park benches in town. Ice cream or something sweet that can be shared. Sit & talk awhile or don't and just be. Reminisce. Don't talk about the kids if you can help it. Dream. Hold hands. Leave behind the technology. :) I hope you so enjoy those 90 minutes!

  4. If I had 90 minutes to spend on a date in the Provo area, I'd get a treat (ice cream, a shake, whatev) and head up Provo Canyon for a little drive.

  5. Find a Hotel that offers room service- order in a great meal and talk- my HD and I did this once when we had little children....truly the only place to be really by ourselves and enjoy a meal....loved it, and yes, we just talked. =)

  6. I'm sure its too late for suggestions, but I so remember that place. Jan of 2010 found me celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary with my brother-in-law who had come over to see my 2 week old baby while my husband worked late! I remember feeling so tired I was really worried my internal organs would shut down...I think that hit around 4 weeks.

    Thinking good sleepy happily adjusted thoughts for you!!

  7. Mindy, the leaves are peaking in the canyon right now. Maybe a drive up towards Heber and a quick dinner at the greasy spoon there called Dairy Keen (i think that's it!), "Home of the Train". But I'm sure you don't need to go that far to experience this year's autumn glory.

    Anyway, something simple (a drive and a walk), beautiful (the scenery) and tasty (some dinner) that allows time to actually have an extended conversation so you can reconnect would be romantic and restorative. Maybe you could even pull over somewhere and "park" ;-)

    Have fun! ♥

  8. Dinner where you don't have to cut up anyone's food except your own!
    Go for a drive in the Mountains and have a picnic.
    Oh have fun. I miss having family close by to watch my hooligans!

  9. We like to hit the thrift stores together.

    Creamery and a walk.

    Walking and holding hands really is so lovely. Pretend you are who you were when you met.

    The library maybe?

  10. You could go to sammy's and eat a chocolate pie shake and dedicate it to me. Unfortunately, I didn't see this until now and so it's too late and I gotta admit, I feel a little ripped off. I really needed a virtual shake.

  11. go to communal and walk around down town provo, go on a picnic up the canyon, go get apple carmel cider at starbucks and then pedicures... oh wait that's a girl date. go to flour girls and dough boys in american fork and eat a yummy pecan cookie!

    can't wait for your next album to come out. :)

  12. hi mindy-- hope you enjoyed your date night (: just catching up on the blog. we're excited for your christmas album. (hannah still goes to sleep every night listening to anchor (: ... and just wanted to say- bring on the motherly. thanks for keeping it real.