Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Retreat in Morocco

I'm going to Morocco in October. You are invited. Seriously. And I don't mean that you are invited to watch vicariously through my blog. You really are invited to come along. My friend April Meeker and I have a bad case of wanderlust and a love for all things artsy and exotic. So, we're hosting an art retreat in the alluring city of Marrakesh. We're calling it "Casbah Creative Retreat." I wasn't kidding when I told you that this was my year to fill my creative well.

Warning: looking at the photos of Peacock Pavilions (our resort) may increase your heart rate by about 150%.

Behold: This could be your room. The extra bed could belong to your best friend, your sister, your mom, or perhaps . . . your Moroccan lover.

The Atlas Salon

Your bathroom? Yes.

Your dinner. (Stop drooling on your keyboard).

Don't think you're leaving Marrakesh without a henna tattoo.
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What is included in the price of the retreat? Five different workshops on creativity (collage, book-binding, jewelry making, writing and a class on tapping into your creativity by me), a guided tour of Marrakesh, shopping in the souks, authentic Moroccan cuisine for all your meals, a trip to the coastal town of Essaouira, henna tattooing, movie at the outdoor cinema, camel rides, belly dancing, spa treatment and your room and board at Peacock Pavilions.

What is NOT included: air fare, spending money and tips to staff.

The total price of the retreat is $3,100. If you'll be joining us, you can email April Meeker ( to make your first non-refundable deposit of $1000. The next payment of $1000 is due May 1st. Your final payment of $1100 is due by September 1st. There are only 10 spots available. Actually, make that 7. We've already had 3 guests sign up.

For more photos and information about the retreat, check out these links:


  1. i really want to go Mindy! You are so lucky!!!

  2. Have fun for me- I cannot afford such a trip these days!! ENJOY and can't wait to follow your blog then and read and see all about your fun trip. We love your music and my little girls all sing along to your songs. Thank you!

  3. Does the resort have childcare available (for a very mama-centric 2 year old)?

  4. Man, when you talk about filling up your well you don't mess around!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! Yes, my heart is beating faster.