Friday, May 24, 2013

Why I Love Vintage!

Let's be honest: I don't keep up with the latest fashions.  But, I DO keep up with the fashions of yesteryear.  Why?  Because I'm drawn to them like a bear to a beehive.  The perks: Vintage clothing is usually very inexpensive, one-of-a-kind, non-skanky and chalk-full of unique patterns, textures, colors and personality!  

I made you (or rather, Jeff Yeats made you) a rad video about why I love vintage, filmed inside of a slick vintage clothing store in Nashville, TN called "The Hip Zipper." 

Also, I'm going to give you the  4-1-1 on where I've bought some of my favorite outfits and how much they cost.  I've used these beauties for photo shoots and music videos.  Check it out:

 Square Dance Shirt: $15 at "Decades," Salt Lake City, UT
Tutu: $30 at "Decades," Salt Lake City, UT
Picture Frame: $1.50 at Deseret Industries, Provo, UT

Prom Dress: $120 at "Swift Vintage," Burbank, CA

 Polyester Red Dress: $7 at "Nevin's Thrift Store," Mt. Pleasant, UT

Navy Velour & Lace Dress: $7 at "Nevin's Thrift Store," Mt. pleasant, UT

Retro Circus Dress: $35 at "Hubba Hubba," Burbank, CA

P.S. I am offering a private, all-day shopping excursion with me through my PledgeMusic Campaign.  I only have a few spots left.  Offer ends on June 4th, so hurry and sign up! I'd love to take you shopping! Sign up at


  1. I LOVE vintage clothes but find that a lot of them don't fit if you're bigger than a size 10. You should come to the Bay Area and check out this awesome store called 23 Skidoo.

  2. Mindy, do you get things tailored when you buy vintage? The few things that are shown in the video look like they fit perfect right off the rack!

  3. I'm drawn to them like a bear to a beehive. The perks: Vintage clothing is usually very inexpensiveBuy League of Legends Account

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