Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poo-Pourri Winner!

I have been laughing under my breath all day at some of your potty stories. And WOW, some of them were a lot to handle. It's a good thing I can handle even the most intense of potty stories. Thanks so much for participating in this!

So, it turns out that Dennis Agle is the official winner of the Poo-Pourri. Congrats, Dennis! You can email me your shipping info at Your story is hilarious. Check out Dennis' story:

"Once I had the flu and, not being a big fan of throwing up, was circling outside the bathroom trying to talk my body out of it. When it became clear I was going to lose this argument, I rushed to the toilet, flipped up the lid so hard it bounced off the tank, and the rebound crashed into my forehead just as I was leaning forward. I ended up flat on my back, not quite clear on what just happened. On the plus side, it likewise stunned my flu, and I at least got a temporary reprieve on the throwing up thing."

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