Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sur mes lèvres

Today I did vocals for a recording session which was seasoned with a few steamy words in French like "le vouloir" and "sur mes lèvres." I went to an international school in Spain for three years in which we had a French immersion class, so I do speak some and it is the most delicious feeling to speak in French, let alone sing it.
My good friend Aaron Ashton engineered the session. Aaron is mostly known for his virtuosic violin skills. The last session I had with Aaron was actually to sing a French-inspired song called "Ooh-La-La-De-Da,"on his album, Split the Difference. You simply must have a listen here. You'll feel like you're at a sidewalk café in Paris.
P.S. Speaking of cafés, tomorrow night I'll be doing a FREE acoustic show for the Sundance Film Festival at the Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City. It's not Paris, but it's the cutest café in all of Salt Lake, I guarantee it. Come! (And order the Lavender tea with cream and honey. You won't regret it).
8:00 p.m., 12 W. 300 S.


  1. Oh I hope you come to Oregon someday. I just sign your email list incase. I am glad I found you on a blog!!

    Our biz is also music. My husband has 6 CD's and plays the 20 String Harp Guitar.

    Your Anchor song is so cool and the video is wonderful!

    Blogging is so fun...I am a artist, painting, mixed media and Art Dolls.
    Blessings on your music career

  2. Every time I think of French singing now I think about this comedy bit from "Flight of the Chonchords"

    They go into this bakery every day trying to pick up these ladies. - it breaks into this day dream. In real life they totally botch it when Jamane can't even remember his date's first name.

  3. Late in the game here, but your hair cut is so cute! A pixie cut fits you! Super adorable.

    Just how can we get you to come to Raleigh?

  4. The Beehive Tea Room is so charming as are you! LOVED hearing you sing tonight! Never stop writing and recording songs. You are simply AMAZING!!! :)

  5. I Love all your songs, I just began hearing them today but I love them all.

  6. Just discovered you and your awesomeness! Love your HOURGLASS song!! I didn't know you with any other haircut then what you have now but I LOVE it on you! YOU WEAR IT WELL! Good luck in all your endeavors! Looking forward to hearing more from you and Aaron Ashton is amazing too! Lucky you!

  7. Bravo! J'ai hate d'entendre un peu de Francais dans tes chansons. Je suis Francaise alors je vais toujours dire des choses positives sur ma langue natale mais tout de meme, ce sera beau sans aucun doutes!