Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter BLAHS!!!

While it IS true that I am the proud owner of the neighborhood's most prize-winning icicles, I really need to say that:


I've been suffering a little lately from a case of the winter blahs. What can I do? What do YOU do when you feel this way?

At least I'll be able to get away this weekend to sunny Southern California to see the screening of this documentary on twins who survived Cystic Fibrosis in which "Anchor" is part of the soundtrack. That's something to look forward to, right?

But until then I'll just continue to wear a Snugge and snowboots 24/7. (HELP ME).


  1. Drink all the hot chocolate you can get your hands on! I guess that doesn't really make it go away, but it makes me feel better in this frigid cold. :)

  2. I try to make inside my house "warm and bright" with candles, fun music, games and snuggles with my hubby and toddler. The cold outside forces us inside to be together more- so despite the cold, I really enjoy it :)

  3. that photo is one of your best!! I love it!!

  4. In the winter I keep myself crazy busy with organizing / cleaning projects, it makes the time go by faster. When I get all my "spring cleaning" done in the winter then DUH I can go outside and enjoy the weather when it really matters! Most Genius thing I've ever done.

  5. CREATE!!! Creating something refocuses my winter-time blues. Go to your local quilting store or buy some yarn, wander around till the inspiration grabs you. Use your hands. Watch a watercolor demo on you tube . . .
    you can always do the organizational/cleaning thing, but it'll always be there.
    Linda @

  6. Yay snuggie and snow boots sound like the best outfit ever!!!!

  7. HAHAHA I am the same right now. I may hibernate and not leave my warm sleepers and Flannel PGs !
    How cool is that that Anchor is part of that film :)

  8. I am in the same boat. I have been turning on as many lights as possible, rolling the pull shades so nor an inch hangs down, pull the blinds all the way up-everything and everything to get some light. I so need light.I love your haircut.

  9. What a great cause to be part of.
    My sister, Sharmayn passed away at the age of 11 from Cystic Fibrosis... over 25 years ago. 13 years ago my dear cousin, Robin, who also suffers from CF received a miracle lung transplant herself.
    Just last year her younger sister, Holly was given the greatest gift from Our Father... she and her husband adopted twin girls...
    The fight to cure CF is ongoing but progress is being made. Miracles are being given...

  10. Sick of winter too but watching your videos and listening to your songs make it better. Really.
    G-d gives happiness if we ask, right? :)
    Thanks for wonderful music and lyrics.