Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Take Heart

Photo from sfgirlbybay.com

Every week I receive emails from aspiring artists, often with a link to a video of their work. They all seem to ask the same questions: "How did you get started in music? What advice can you give me about making it in the music industry?"

While I feel deep appreciation for these sincere inquiries, I'm always amused at the notion that someone thinks that I have "made it" in the music industry. In a way, I guess I've "made a place" for myself in the music industry, but trust me, I too would also really like to know how one "makes it."

I feel like I'm constantly working on learning and improving and I try to focus on being happy with the progress I've made and where I'm at, rather than on how far I have to go. But to my friends who feel stuck, or who feel lost in your endeavors in whatever path you are on, maybe this little article that Utah Valley Magazine wrote up on me may help you take heart.

Click the link to read about the scores of rejections I experienced (which ended up truly guiding me to where I needed to be): http://blog.uvmag.com/janfeb11/index.html

P.S. You really should go pick up a hard copy because my dear friend Nie is on the cover of this issue and you will simply love her inspiring article).

P.P.S. Yes, that is a Gunne Sax dress I am wearing in the pictures. Long live the 80's.


  1. I recognize the dress! Your grandma Rose use to bring us Gunne Sax dresses. We would pick them up in Aurora. All of the cousins in the area would come and pick out what we wanted. It was the funnest! I still have a few stuffed away. Wish I could still fit into them!

  2. I follow your blog more than my commenting would let on. I loved your story from the article about never backing down. It is almost like the failures make success even better. When I was a missionary in California, I heard someone say that everyone got where they are by starting where they were. Now, one could argue the whole notion of affirmative action and equal opportunities but at its core the idea is that every successful person started out as an unsuccessful person. Progress! That is the goal and it can be applied to whatever we love enough to work for.

    I liked your story as well because it is always nice to read that other musicians have struggles and fights. I've been a sweater friend for 3 years now and things still go "wrong" on a consistent basis. Shows that I'm playing to my mom, wife, and 3 passerby's; booking inquires with no responses; even working towards a new album now for over a year. It would be easy to see why the idea of calling it quits is always somewhere in the back of my mind. But when I look at how far I've come, from my bedroom crafted songs to actually performing at the Utah Arts Festival (after 3 years of applying), I remember I love playing my guitar for people and working hard to get where I want.

    I was an English major for awhile and loved studying language theory. There is an idea that language can be studied in two ways, synchronicly (how a language relates to the rest of the world today) or diachronicly (how language fits in over time). It's like a rose stem, cut it strait across and you will see how the veins in comparison to all the other veins but split it length wise and you'll be able to follow one vein all the way from its roots. I'm sure you can tell where this is going but simply put, seeing where we come from and where we are going is really how we make our lives flower. Progress, change, resolve, these are what bring real satisfaction in our deepest cores.

    Wow, and I just started out with the intention to say that I liked your post :) Thanks Mindy.


  3. Mindy you are the greatest:) I love this post. It really made my day go from bad to fantastic. Thank you for sharing the articles about Nie and your story as well. After reading them I feel that I have the strength and courage to endure the trials I have been facing.

    One thing I know I want to do is pick back up on my music, It brings me closer to God. Singing is a gift I have been blessed with and I want to be able to share it and use that gift to uplift people.



  4. Your music makes me happy! There is no way to have a bad day after listening to your happy tunes. Pure bliss!
    -Amanda Brooke


  5. Gunne Sax - best as a dress and not a race!

  6. Loved the write-up! Very inspiring. Sadly, I am one who kind of allowed perceived failure to dictate my path to an extent. This was good inspiration to "make my own opportunities" as you said, and that hard work is worth it to get what you dream of.

    One question, though: The article mentioned that Anchor is your 2nd album. I thought it was your 3rd? I have the first 2 (The Sum of All Grace and Feather in the Wind) so was a tad confused.

  7. HI! I just discovered your music and am floating around in my kitchen normally the one person in the world not really lifted or intrigued by music due to being very unmusicly inclined!!! Your music has me inspired!! No I dont have any aspirations of becoming an artist but I am in charge of our New Beginnings program, just a program for girls ages 12-18. After hearing your songs, I think they would be so fun for the girls, they are whimsical and happy! So I have never planned a program around a song but I think that will be what I will be doing! I wonder if you have done this before, or have any information, ideas etc to help me in this endeavor!!!! I am a busy mom and dont have the time to read your blog but may think of doing so later but if you could guide me to any posts that you think may be of benefit to me in what I will be doing I would appreciate it! Love your style :)