Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Giveaway WINNERS!

Well, folks. I've got to hand it to you. You wrote some of the craziest but also some of the most brilliant fortunes for me. Looks like I'm going to have a a killer year in 2012 according to your predictions.

Thank you all SO MUCH for participating. It pains me to only choose 5 winners because there were so many worthy ones. Alas, I had to narrow it down to these clever people:

Tiffany Winder
Johanna (from New Zealand)
Michael Bahnmiller
Kathy Lynn Rylee

Congratulations!!! To claim your prize, email Brittany Jaynes at brittanyjaynes with your name and address, letting her know that you won and we will mail you your copy of "Anchor."

Thanks again!


  1. Congratulations guys!
    And thanks, Mindy, for going through all the posts and birthday wishes :)

  2. Happy Day...they will love their prize.

  3. Thanks so much Mindy!
    It is terribly fun to see my name on your Blog-- as a winner! My little family all laughed together when I wrote the silly thing and tried to read it aloud to them. And now we are celebrating! You must know-- I really wanted to win your CD! My very own "Anchor" CD! Very Cool! and Autographed too! Made my whole day. I just love that you posted at 12:o1 am to announce the winners-- it's definitely Friday morning. Hope your Birthday was "Brilliant!" Have a wonderful warm day! I know I will! :0)

  4. Got it! Love it! Wearing it out! :O)