Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Giveaway

Happy Birthday to me.

I'm giving away some party favors.

All you need to do is predict my fortune for the year 2012 in the comments section below.

The 5 most amusing fortunes (judged by me) will win an autographed copy.

I'll announce the winners on Friday morning.

Ready, set, GO!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Meny happy returns of the day!!!! :* Lot of kisses :)

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I'm guessing you're going to go on a trip to the month April and eat pickled radishes while sawing a statue of an orca whale in half. The statue will probably be filled with tons of gold coins (which are actually chocolate). So you get to eat pickled radishes, visit April, AND eat chocolate.
    Happy Birthday again!

  3. Tillykke på fødselsdagen, Mindy. (Danish for: Happy birthday...)
    Wishing you a great day... and many more years to come!
    I'm sure 2012 will bring you lots of magic rainbows, beautiful fairytales, colorful flowers, yummy cupcakes, soft teddybears, great music, sunshine, love, and laugher!
    B-day Greetings from,
    Lisbet //Denmark

  4. Happy Birthday Mindy !!!! I came aross your song a few day ago and fell in love with it immediately!

    Wish you happiness, happiness, then happiness again, and happiness. Finally happiness.... :P

    Greetings from Thuy/ Singapore ^.^

  5. After eating a cupcake from the sweet tooth fairy you will feel a sudden alertness, more awake than you have felt in months. You will feel a drive and a passion to run through the wild flowers with your children, laughing and singing songs together. You'll find new songs streaming into your mind without effort, a great gift to a busy little Mama. When you go to a thrift store the next time you'll find the perfect dress for your next album, and one you will want to wear to parties, concerts, and of course on your next music video. As people watch that video don't be surprised to see it go viral within the week. Then when you go to church you'll see women and girls wearing "Mindy's Dress", they all want to be as stylish and chic as the beautiful Mindy Gledhill. Don't worry, you'll find another amazing find at the thrift store and put it into motion for being the latest in fashion. With all this extra fame, because it's been coming so naturally and effortlessly this year, it will feel as though you've never managed your family, dreams, career so well. Every aspect of your life feels in sync and perfectly balanced. Also, your boys have turned into cleaning machines. They love to clean and do so without being asked. The garbage never looks full, the dishes are always done, the floor swept~it has become a fun game for them, and a true gift for you. Your husband loves to give you massages every chance he gets. He also cleans the bathroom, leaving it looking pristine on a daily basis. He does help with the other chores as well, of course, the bathroom is just his favorite. Your darling babe is smiley and content, loves to sleep, eat, and snuggle as babies do. As you adore your new little one you'll find a greater satisfaction as you do so without the tiredness that overcomes mothers when they have infants. This is a year to remember. Take lots of pictures and videos because it is a gift, all year round. Happy Birthday Mindy!

  6. happy happy day!

    and your fortune: much love. cupcakes. and a florida tour!

    fingers crossed.

    kindly, leslie

  7. In 2012, a major turning point in your life will take place. YOU'LL DECIDE TO ADOPT ME so that I get to hear you sing and spend time with you EVERYDAY !!!!!! :D
    I don't mean to creep you out.

    Samiya Khan

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  9. I am just not that creative, but I love your music. Happy, happy birthday may your 2012 be one that God blesses you beyond your wildest imagination.

  10. I predict The Doctor will come in his Tardis and snatch you on a grand adventure spreading your music through the Universe . Then you guys will meet up with Doc Brown and me because we always run out of plutonium . After you guys rescue Doc and I we have the biggest best birthday party you ever dreamed :)

  11. Happy Birthday!! You will have a wonderful year with your young family. I see another album coming towards the end of the year that everyone will fall in love with (yet again) and listen to as loud as possible while they drive to work (oh that's just me? totally guilty!!) oh and you will also plan a tour to the wonderful city of Las Vegas. All of this you will do with a ton of energy, while still being able to be a wonderful mother and wife to your family.

  12. Happy Birthday! EAT CAKE!! In 2012 there will be tough times ahead, but you will persevere and be greatly rewarded! Because YOU can do all things ;)
    Thanks for the chance!

  13. Oh happy birthday!!! Your music has brought so much joy to my family....I wish you much joy! I predict love, joy, happiness and peace as you continue to pour yourself into bringing love, Ilu happiness and peace to others!

  14. For your birthday , you decided it's time to visit Asia as the fans here are dying to meet you and wishing to be part of a live performance by you . 2012 being a leap year , will give you lots and lots of good fortune upon arrival to Asia . Malaysia to be precise ! After several interviews with the local radio stations , one of them suggested that you visit the local monasteries and thats where a local fortune teller a 3rd one is coming and it's gonna be a girl ! As you toured Malaysia , you will certainly fall in love with this multiracial country and decided to spend a few months here . Few months filled with magical moments that is . Of course you would thank me for introducing Malaysia :) You become attached to the people here , you make new friends and celebrated lots of religious and cultural festivals . Christmas is coming and there is no snow here at Malaysia , it's your first time celebrating Christmas with a sunny warm weather with the well renowned islands of Malaysia . Ending the year with a perfect getaway with your loved ones and those who loves you !

  15. Well Happy Birthday to You! March 7th is also my husband's birthday. His birthday fortune was that he will wake up next to me for the next 365 days, I am assuming that fortune will just not do for you at all. (Although I DO have lovely morning hair, the best in three counties). I predict for you, a succesful year in the music industry in which you will be nominated for 10 Grammy's. Although Adele's album "22,(Still Single and Bitter)" is stiff competition, you will win all 10, giving the most gracious and sincerest of thank you speeches, winning over the hearts of Americans(and 22 countries) inspiring people to stop listening to Katy Perry, thereby creating a return to old fashioned values and putting you on the list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. I can't say whether or not you win though, because the awards would happen after March 7th 2012, and it's not like I am some kind of super fortune teller or something. Sheesh.

  16. Happy birthday pretty lady! My fortune for you... Is that you're going to have lots of pretty shoes in the future.. so avoid the mud please? :)

  17. Happy birthday, Mindy! I love all of your songs!

    I think this year will bring fun travel, lots of laughter and love, and cupcakes! :)

  18. Happy birthday Mindy! :) i predict many new friends and songs this year. Happiness will always find you, you will always be comforted when needed the most, and you'll be surrounded by love :) that sounded cheesey but i really think that will happen :) my birthday is the beginning of next month and i think that i would love this :) haha *hint hint* just kidding, but i think if i won (by a miracle) it would be the best bday gift ever! :D

  19. After a great birthday bash, you decide to go deep sea diving with a pair of monks that are actually cute and adorable care bears. The care bears take you on a deep sea diving adventure in Wonderland. You enjoy your time in Wonderland until you find out an evil queen has banned music, and has taken the monk care bears to be, ‘off with their heads’. After much despair, you decide to call for help, you have Willy Wonka on speed dial, and he comes by in his flying elevator. He gives you a magical ticket you use to go great the Wizard of Oz. He tells you to just follow the yellow brick road. On the yellow brick road, you meet a scarecrow that can talk, it freaks you out a little, but you’re like whatever, and let the stalking scarecrow follow you and a few of his friends. You finally reach the Wizard of Oz, and he tells you that the only way to conquer the evil queen is to use her in a game of poker, since she’s actually turns out to be the Queen of Hearts. You go back to Wonderland, throw a poker party for the queen add her to your deck of cards, win the world national poker tournament in Wonderland, and you are able to save the monk care bears from impending doom. With all well in the world once again, you decide to pay a visit to an old man in a retirement home called, Papa Smurf, there you sing beautiful songs for him and his smurf friends. After that, you get a call that you have won one free ticket to the moon, and you decide to live on the move and have an awesome recording studio, and continue to make amazing music. The end.

    Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday Miss Mindy. I predict you will be invited to sing with Elmo on Sesame Street. The producers will be so impressed with your talent and personality they sign you on permanently as Mister Noodles other sister Miss Noodle. You'll get to work with Kristen Chenowith and she instantly adores you. Since she is so connected with people in the music industry she introduces you to lots of big wigs. You have offers to be on broadway, tv and to sing at the White House. You are able to find the balance of work and family that makes you happy. Oh, and nobody in your family breaks a bone.

    Sending much success your way.

  21. First - you are fortunate that today is your birthday, being that March is the best birthday month of all (mine is tomorrow!). Have really enjoyed your music, which is a gift and I feel that rather than receive a fortune, your "gift" is to continue or expand your reach (fortune) of music to others. When sharing our love and passion of life, it always returns to us. In the case of music - it is powerful and when accompanied with your videos your voice becomes strong and memorable. Look forward to hearing "new" things from you. Happy Birthday!

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  23. Anything and everything can happen in the days ahead, and I foresee you taking it all on with dignity, humor, and a little touch of irreverence. Cheers, birthday girl!

  24. You will trade your soul to the devil for 12 circus peanuts and a jumbo box of Junior Mints.

    Don't worry, it will be worth it.

  25. You're going to go to a magical place. A place full of witchcraft and wizardry. There, you will meet a boy with a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. You will help him defeat an evil wizard that has returned to conquer the wizarding world. I hope you are up to the challenge! And then you become the queen of England.

  26. Happy, Happy Birthday Mindy! May it be blessings-Full! (All the way from Saskatoon, SK Canada) {You should probably know that I have been trying to get your music up here but can't and I don't have a cc so I will try and be both inspirational and funny so as to sway you in my direction! LOL} On this your day you will be surrounded by a desperate desire to consume cupcakes, that, if you laid them end to end would spell out "I can and I will so please just get out of my way and no one will get hurt!" Days will pass but soon a grouchy angel will show himself and lead you to new music. You will have to explain that singing "I'm to Sexy for my Shirt" to Hubert (the angel)will not help change his grouchy circumstance. Feeling discouraged Hubert will then lead you to a pond where in the fish are taking in some rays and ski jetting on imaginary rides. You'll feel a bit confused but join in the fun. Among the fish will be one we itty bitty piglet who seems lonely and lost. When you approach him he will cry and say that he does not want to follow in the family business and be bacon when he grows up. His dream is to be a marsh mellow, a yellow one, b/c that's a happy color. As the weeks pass into months the marsh mellow will teach the grouchy angel to reset his attitude to peaceful and greatful. (Hubert is really in to Hip Hop by now and wonders if some of your most beautiful songs could be set to that beat!) Just before your year ends, the angel, the fish and the marsh mellow and Neinie will send you an invitation to a praise party and you will hold Neinie's new baby (she will spit up but it won't matter because God is so good. He turns tragedy in a hope and a future. He turns silly birthday stories into big hugs and glorifying prayers! Enjoy your day, God is. Cathleen Morris Adolph on facebook

    1. BTW, Neinie is Stephanie Clark Neilson. She is a plan crash survivor. I read her blog and she loves your music.

  27. Happy Birthday!!

    Here's your fortune:

    In the middle of the year, you'll receive an offer. An offer of going on a world tour.
    You will tour with the members of Queen who are still alive (instead of that other person who was supposed to), you'll make it to every nook and corner of the world, and learn the art of tai-chi.
    You will use this skill. It will come in handy, when you are trekking in the Himalya's and meet Bigfoot.
    You'll stop feeling cold in mid-July this year and you will have an ice-cream flavor named after you.
    You will then meet the ghost of John Lennon and sing "Imagine" as a duet.
    You will not, by any means, write a love song based on what a person looks like.

    On a more realistic note,
    I forsee you writing more amazing songs and also I think Glee may cover one of your songs :)

  28. I predict your luck will start tomorrow. At exactly 9:21 AM, a zebra will fall from the sky and almost crush you. After he apologizes profusely and you freak out a bit because there's a zebra who just fell from the sky sitting next to you (no judgement), he will reveal he is actually a magical fairy godfather (zebras don't believe in gender roles) who has three and a half magical wishes to give you. At first you don't believe him (Again, no judgement. He's kinda shocking.)but after he suddenly makes a cherry blossom spring from the ground in full-bloom, you decide he might be the real deal. After mulling over what you could possibly wish for (besides the adoring fans and beautiful voice), you decide you have always wanted a pet zebra. And because he's a fairy godfather, it's totally legal to keep his as a pet! It's a win-win situation! Unfortunately, he suddenly had some business to attend to in the Sahara and gave you a IOU for the wishes. However, he did pause to conjure up a pet warthog that poops rainbows and that is trained to say, "Happy Birthday, Mindy!"

  29. Congrats And Happy Birthday! You have been invited to my 2017 Super Bowl party -- Yes, you've been invited this far in advance - to be either a performer or guest at my 2017 Super Bowl party in Indianapolis Indiana - Because I know good talent when I see it and hear it. It's your choice to be a guest or performer on February 5th, 2017, during my party. Additional information forth coming... to all my facebook friends.

  30. MariCarmen F. (Exposito)March 7, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    I can't compete with these people!! They are great!! So I am just sending you besitos y abrazos for your cumple, Mindy!! What a gift you are!! Can't believe we don't see each other more living in teh same town now!! Feliz cumple!!

  31. Happy Birthday. You will have a great year because you are a good person of moral character who shares her talents in an inspiring and uplifting way. You will also continue to find ways to have a happy healthy self and family.

  32. You will be lucky in terms of money and status, "wealth luck increase", and may gain promotion and recognition. With the help of strong people, you can easily find solution to overcome obstacles. But still, you need to control your pride. Some sacrifices will be made. Opportunities may easy come but easy go. You need to control your temper. Avoid being too aggressive on some unnecessary talk. You may fall into gossips or quarrels. Also try to be wise and not to get cheated in money and relationship. Happy Birthday to You. :D Your birthday is special to so many people that know you. I hope that you know that it will be filled with tons of love and sweet sentiments just for you.. Take Care! =)
    Your no.3 fan(next to your Mom and Dad :))),
    Jeanne Go, 18

  33. Happy birthday Mindy! I discovered your music last year and you are one of my absolute favorite artists with one of my favorite voices. I love your writing style and musical creativity! You've inspired me a lot. Whenever I think of my senior year of college (last year) I always think of you because my roommate and I were always listening to you!

    So here reads your fortune:

    "You are a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce."

    *Fingers crossed you know where this is from and are a huge fan!!*

    -Rebecca Watts

  34. Happy birthday, Mindy. According to this crystal ball I found in the Dollar Zone at Walmart, you're going to come up with this great promotional idea to draw people to your website. One of your many fans will get sucked in to come here to write something amusing. One problem. Unless he's sneaking some Mountain Dew, he's just not that funny. When he tells jokes at assisted living centers, they kinda stare back and drool a little. He'll sit here on this blog writing about himself in the third person until he gives up and turns on his Barry Manilow station on Pandora. So that's what I see for you.

  35. It'll all begin with these German bankers who want you to sing for them. but here's the catch, you don't know German. So you travel to three united nations building in new York to get a translator. while walking to the building, your doting fans swarm you and lift you up and carry you to the rockefeller center. They chant to let you sing on the stage and because you're reputation precedes you, you are instantly allowed on stage. The impromptu concert is a smashing success and the German bankers decide they can't wait for you to come to they're coming to you! you hop in a cab later on to discover that it's already filled: with Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor!! They invite you to go to the zoo with them and you accept! While starting at the giraffes this great song idea hits you, it's a take off of Rhett circle of life and you record it with Regina and Ingrid. The song is such a huge hit and you make so much money that you decide to give some to charity because you have a loving and gracious heart. You decide to give it to the united methodist mission of peace fund and discover they are going to Cuba this December for a mission trip. (this part is true) you, Ingrid, and Regina come up with a plan. Using your own personal jet, given to you by the Germans after your amazing performance, you fly to Cuba for new years to surprise the mission team! :D (I am part of this mission team)

  36. Mindy you will enjoy a fruitflyless summer and your pumpkins will be gone from your porchsteps before mid November!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    -Mary Littlelamb

  37. Happy, Happy Birthday Mindy. You are a remarkable women and singer your music is so uplifting to me. You are going to enjoy a very magical year with huge rewards for you and your family. God Bless you Mindy and keep the wonderful music coming.

    Pat Tyner

  38. First of all, Happy Happy Birthday Mindy! God Bless You and Thank You for making this massive giveaway. :) xoxo

    Okay. I've got a few fortune links/cookies here.. All you have to do is pick one ;)






  39. Happy Birthday! I predict that you will have another birthday around this same time next year!


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  41. i'm predicting your songs will hit number one on the chart^.^
    happy birthday to you!!!
    fatima grace samonte here from Philippines^.^

  42. I predict that in 2012, your closeted love for feetie pj's will finally come out into the open. Because of this, you will feel quite empowered by your new freedom of bedwear, and will lead a one woman parade through the tree streets of Provo, while wearing a band masters hat, and banging on a toy drum. The drumming naturally will draw the attention of all the young children of the neighbourhood,who naturally will peek out their windows to see what is going on. That is when they will spot you. You, however, will be blithfully unaware that while you're celebrating Pyjama Pride day, those little rugrats are using their mom and dads twitter accounts to organise, and suddenly, as you're rounding the corner you will find yourself face to face with a roving band of miniture cowboys, pirates, and maybe even a space invader or two. They will corner you against an elm tree, and demand your feetie pj's (children are very protective or their feetie jammies, after all). You naturally will cry out in protest, waving your drum sticks to scare them off, but they will not be bothered. The crowd will part to reveal the leader of this montley crew; none other than The Chief, himself, and it is then you will realise, sadly, you're doomed. For there is none other in the world who rules the tree street neighbourhood with such power. You will try once more in vein to save your newly accepted PJ's before The Chief points his laser gun at you. Your time in the jammie spot light will be up, and he will then hand you over a snuggie which he will exchange for your feetie jammies.

    Alas, your Pyjama Pride Parade will be force to end, and you'll have to slink back home in a snuggie. But at home, a sweet faced baby will be waiting for you with a new guilty pleasure...The Forever Lazy (with fleece footies!)

    Happy Birthday, Mindy! May the next year be wonderful for you!

  43. Happy Birthday Mindy! Here's a funny fortune: "In God We Trust, all others must pay cash"!

  44. Happy Birthday Mindy... hope you always be healthy to make a good song and full fill our day with your voice...

    fortune for the year 2012 ?
    who knows ??

    but i know in fact my fortune in 2012 is seeing you live in my country
    INDONESIA !!! :O

  45. Disregard all other fortunes and only listen to this one...(now that you're obviously hypnotized)...this year brings you a hearty dose of laughter, a new pair of shoes, the ability to 'walk and not faint' in your new shoes, millions of people Google-ing you, a new perspective on music, smiles galore, plentiful frolics through fields of flowers, a peaceful home, rejuvenated health, a vivacious imagination, the fulfillment of dreams, and a deeper appreciation and knowledge of life :)

  46. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day! You are one of my faves.......listen to your music ALL THE TIME.....would love a cd signed by you!!!
    Jennifer F

  47. Dearest Mindy,
    Hullo. My name is Your Future. Prepare to die.

    AHA. Just kidding. Of course you'll die! No one gets out of life alive, but you will not die in 2012. Actually, in the summer of 2012, you're going to develop an obsession with cold cereal. You know the kind. Froot Loops, Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, and that Lucky Charms one that tastes like cat food with marshmallows. You will hold tasting competitions of "Name that Cereal!" every Saturday. Then, at some point, you will find a lottery ticket inside one of the boxes of Lucky Charms and your tasting competitions will make the news and go national. Imagine it?

    Mindy Gledhill: Singer, Mother, Wife, Facebook Fan Page, and Cereal Enthusiast.

    Of course, this won't be the only trend you'll start. You'll have another child and you'll name him Lucky, in honor of the cereal. Then, because you're famous, EVERYONE will start naming their children Lucky, and pretty soon, Lucky will become the most popular name of 2012. All because of your cereal obsession on Saturdays (try saying that out of context).

    Does this sound unrealistic? NO! No, I say. This is absolutely true! I know this because I am Your Future, which makes me the second smartest person in the world. I refuse to tell you who the first is.

    But I digress. 2012 for Mindy Gledhill...

    Your cereal obsession will continue, and you'll write a song about breakfast cereal and colorful milk, which will only become famous in North Korea (now that's an accomplishment)!

    In October of 2012, your cereal infatuation will come to an end, and you will vomit at the sight or mention of it. You'll even rename your child because you cannot stand the word, "Lucky." Lucky will become Tyler. A simple, reasonable name.

    Skipping to December, you will develop an unhealthy obsession with multi colored/flavored candy canes.

    You can guess what will happen next.

    You will win the lottery for a second time and name your child Candy?


    Actually, you'll just eat a whole ton of candy canes and meet a penguin.

    Have a fantastic year. <3 Don't let the bedbugs bite (because seriously, there are thousands. Also, there is probably something in your closet.)

    Your Future

    P.S. I'm using Mandy Harmon's account because as a non-mortal, I don't have one.

  48. I will hear your beautiful voice dubbed in on all my favorite TV shows! Someone will reintroduce BayWatch and you will be the star! Here's to you running down the beach in a bikini with your kids! Happy Birthday Mindy!

  49. HaPpY hApPy BiRtHdAy mInDy!!

    The future I see for you is..... this summer (July), Park City UT, surrounded by a whole lot of amazing women!! Everyone one of them is beyond excited to see, hear, meet and drip you in Jewel Kade!! The moment will be so magical and an everlasting memory for all!!

    Cheers to a fabulous Birthday for you!

    Joyfully Charming
    Mary E

  50. Wow. I can't even compete with the creativity of the other commenters. But I do wish you an awesome birthday! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    My prediction for 2012: By the end of the year, you will own a pair of Chucks in every color and have a strawberry-vanilla cupcake named after you.


  51. Your 'Anchor' music is my FAVORITE!! I would so love to win a copy of your amazing music. However, being that I am a believer in the Bible as being the word of God, I cannot partake of making predictions of any kind, for it clearly states that those who engage in those things are an abomination to God. I realize in modern day most people think horoscopes and psychics are an innocent enough thing to indulge in, but God's word is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    I do wish you the best and pray for your continued success and prosperity! Love you!

  52. Oh no, I'll never win this way...but here goes anyway.

    This year you will start keeping bees to make your own honey...only to find out you or maybe your kids are allergic to bee stings when you try to harvest the honey. So you sell them and buy up chickens to lay your own eggs, but they are way too messy. Not to mention stinky. So instead you take a trip somewhere beautiful like maybe Fiji and get your mojo back and work on some new stuff and release a new cd just in time for Christmas! ;)

  53. Dearest kindred mindy-

    For your special birthday year, there are only three main wishes I have for you my dear. May your dream of being seen be bigger then it ever seemed. May you find the perfect place for you and your family to delight in comfort and dreams. And last and not least may you feel the delight of helping others while in hind sight of looking back with delight!

    Oh and lotsa sushi yeah!! Love, cassie

  54. Happy Birthday! This is my first year away from home and my roommate got us all listening to your music! It's been so fun to be up dancing to clean upbeat music and such a strength to be have good inspirational music to listen to. I've also gotten my cousin really into your music too!

    For your fortune this year you will try something new and challenging that you never imagined you could do. At first it will seem very daunting, but you won't give up and when you see what you've accomplished, you be so grateful for the opportunity you had and the strength and inspiration you were blessed with!

  55. Oh dear...I need to be witty. Good thing I did not read the competition. Here goes:

    After deciding you are way too tired of the snow/wet/cold, your family takes a trip to the beach in Puerto Vallarta to soak up the sun and attempt to make the world's tallest sandcastle. While walking along the beach picking up flotsam and jetsam to decorate your magnificent creation, you look toward the ocean to find a beautiful emerald-green bottle bobbing in the surf. You wade in to grab it per the request of your children,and find, to your utter delight, a slip of paper inside the corked bottle. Upon extraction, you find a small note which reads: "Those who spend their time bringing beauty to the world are the most beautiful people of all."

    May you have a fantastic year full of beauty and happiness as you celebrate another year of being you.

  56. Enjoyed another year of Life with family & friends? You've already received your Best B-day gift!
    Happy anniversary! Steve

  57. You get on a plain to head towards your next gig (probs in New York). You take a cat nap on the plan, as everone does. When you wake you realise that you are not in New York at all but cruising down the runway of the Wellington airport. New Zealand - you're in New Zealand and scheduled to meet up with a devoted fan for a hot chocolate on the waterfront. You get treated to a day of sightseeing before a lovely home cooked meal and an old school movie on the projector in the back yard. The fairy lights are on, the movie playing and there is no chance of running out of popcorn or home-made ginger beer.
    When it is finished you board your plan (I imagine this part to be like the polar express) and head back to America to resume your normal life but of course fine a momento in your pocket - a piece of Paua to remind you of your visit.

  58. In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

    Proverbs 16-9

    Have a fabulous birthday Mindy.


  59. ... and after sawing the Orca whale statue, Johnny Depp, dressed as a Pirate, will appear, say that he has heard of your Legendary voice, and invite you to become his official Pirate's Life song singer, from which point on, you and your family will get free cruises to Puerta Vallarta and as many jelly-filled donuts as any one can eat.

    Boy, I hope you like jelly-filled donuts...

    I hear they go well with pickled radishes.

    P.S. Happy Happy Happy Day of Birth!

  60. Your fortune says you will write two new songs and come to north carolina for a tour

    in reality, you'll be happy the whole year even through downfalls!

  61. Happy Birthday Mindy!

    You will dance and sing and feel so good you will record another album that feels better that Anchor. All that while being in IKEA, having some meatballs while your kids watches you from the playground.

  62. Your 2012 will consist of battling a random strain of zombies that no one has ever seen before and no one will be there to witness this incredible event. Your husband will believe you, but you will be both mocked (by the non-believers) and awed (by those who know what is truly coming) at leaving you feeling alone. One day while wandering in the woods with your thoughts you come upon a white unicorn. He shows you many beautiful hidden spots that provide inspiration for your music which allows you to make another cd or eve two. Because of the kindness that the unicorn shows you (the gorgeous little places, you know) decide to help him and his friends out and let them stay whenever they need to. Leprechauns and fairies come to visit you regularly. And that is your 2012.

    Happy Birthday Mindy! :D

  63. First off, happy birthday!

    I predict that this year will cause you to reunite with a childhood book that you haven't read in many, many years!


  64. May all the Dove chocolate wrapper fortunes you read this year come true. And all the chocolate you consume along the way do as much good for your body as broccoli. Happy Day Mindy!! :)

  65. happy birthday! i love this!

    hmm...i predict your music will show up in a fabulous indie movie...or maybe even a commercial? and you'll become even more collossally famous, b/c people will be wondering what that song in the sporty, yet hipster, new car commercial is. :)

  66. Happy Birthday!!

    Which loosely translates to : you will bust open a plethora of piñatas which will hold goldfish crackers in which you will feed to the whales at the aquarium. In turn they will grant you a birthday wish (bring your Russian pocket dictionary because they're foreign whales). The wish will be instantly granted and you will live happily ever after.

    (my emoticons didn't work :( but trust me, they were awesome and randomly relevant) :)

  67. Happy Birthday from my 7 year old daughter who loves your music and from the rest of my family! Your fortune is, may this year be full of laughter and giggles, little smiles and little hugs, surprises that make you laugh when you should be angry. Happy Birthday and thanks for music, it makes our family a happy one.

  68. Happy Birthday Mindy!!

    The stars are aligned in such a way that ambition and determination attributes will become more dominant.

    By chance, you will be exposed to a powerful organic substance, that will enhance your singing ability as well as give you the ability to teleport. This will combine will your increasing ambition and determination to hit the top of the charts and win a Grammy or two.


  69. Happy Birthday!

    I predict that you will continue to be played in my car on a daily basis, so that I can sing along obnoxiously when no one else is with me. Also, your voice will fill the air as I walk down the aisle on July 20 (because I've chosen "Anchor" to be played in my wedding instead of the traditional wedding march). Also, I predict that you will continue being awesome. But first, you will choose me to give an autographed CD, because so far all my other predictions are pretty legit so I figure this one might be, too.

  70. Happy Birthday!
    I predict you will become a world renowned Dog Show Judge and master the art of speed walking!

  71. Happy Birthday. I love your music!!!

  72. Happy Birthday Mindy, hope your day was wonderful.!

  73. Happy Birthday and I predict your child will be healthy, and eventually I will find you and give you 2 dozen roses exactly, no thorns. I will play guitar for you(even though I have no expierience on it at all) I will light candles for our moonlit dinner in a grotto far away. I will catch a million fireflys and we cant count them. I will stand close to you and give you a lightshow to your song Eyes. I will read you poetry whenever you feel sad, I will cook for you when youre hungry, I will take care of you whenever youre sick. I will be your bestfriend and more, I can listen to you whenever you have something to say. If I could I would give you the world but you already have mines. I couldnt go for anything crazy or just random or interesting prediction ahaha. So I made a prediction that I wish would come true. :)

    1. I like this one! What a great idea to play her down the isle! Congrats and good luck!

  74. Happy birthday Mindy! I am sure you remember meeting me in Kennewick Washington ;) at your concert after you had just feed your little baby boy! What a heart felt concert!

    Drum Roll please.......

    I predict that you will be on Oprah.

    That of course will open doors to a world of options which I am unable to disclose at this time for that will be in 2013 and is not required.

    I do hope you have a GREAT birthday and let me know if you need anything!


  75. Happy Birthday!!!

    You will find magic in unexpected places, and inspiration for more great songs ^_^

  76. 2012 will be a magical year where fairies help you pick your outfits, a leprachaun is your lucky PR manager, mermaids sing back up, dwarves are your road crew and Trolls are your security. You will arrive at your concerts, not by bus, but by riding a unicorn or sliding down a rainbow! Your fans will dance and sing like woodland creatures and you will feel like you are in a fairytale.

  77. I predict you will take over all the galaxies and dominate all the cosmic dimensions in the universe! Its because not only are you wonderful and you write songs that remain imprinted in our hearts forever but also because you're SMART! ♥
    Happy Birthday Mindy!

  78. Well obviously you're going to ride a unicorn into the sunset with a handsome man in a white billowy shirt. While eating a lollipop. Who wouldn't want that?

    1. "Always remember who you are,and what you stand for". And have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY. BECAUSE YOU ONLY TURN 21 ONCE ;)............

  79. You will have twenty one children total. You will have enough money to get college for all of them with plenty left over. You will find a new species of a pet that will live in the homes of many until the end of the world. As you get older, you will become an inventor and create many famous things. You will discover the recipe for ambrosia and get a large support from elderly society. You will also figure out how to make humans fly without a vehicle or animal to ride on. People will study your work for centuries and continue listening to your songs. You will be known as the new "Great One" instead of Wayne Gretzky and will live happily ever after. They will all be ANCHORED by your amazingness and buy a million copies of your album each, but I won't because I will win a signed copy from this contest which is worth more than a million dollars because it is signed by one of the greatest! ;)

  80. I am not very good at predicting futures, but I love your music and admire your style. I hope to oneday have music out there for people to enjoy too. :) I hope 2012 for you filled with a wealth beyond money, an everpresent joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

    Stay Golden!
    Happy Birthday.

  81. I'm going to foresee what every mother REALLY needs... a good nights rest. The kind of rest that you wake from feeling like a new person. I hope someone foresees this in my future too!:)

  82. You will have the good fortune of receiving an opportunity to come to Arkansas and put on a concert. You will be fed the best southern food ever!

  83. 2012 will be a big year for you, a year of excitement, a year of wonder, a year of fury. You have a lot to look forward to this year, but beware, there will come a time when you will need a wrench, a candle, and some tupperware. These things will save you in a dire situation, always keep these things near. You will have a successful year if you but follow a few words of advice, but I am afriad that is all I can share with you on your free trial. For more information on your future please call 1888saveyourfuture.

    Have a happy birthday Mindy! And good luck with 2012.
    Patience Boehme

  84. Happy Birthday Mindy-
    In your future I see impressive waterfalls, meadows of green, cliffs that impress and unusual rock formations....along with lots and lots of sorbet.
    Have a wonderful Happy day.
    Teresa =)

  85. Happy Birthday! I predict that you will travel quite a bit! Hopefully to beautiful destination like Hawaii...seriously I love your always brightens my day!
    Hope you have the best birthday so far!

  86. Happy Birthday! I'm a March baby too, so perhaps that is why I enjoy your music so much! ;)

    As for your will visit the Redwood forest. Amongst the swirling fog and lush green ferns you will stumble across a hidden path, tucked ever so nicely between two giant trees deep within the forest. Following it with a childlike curiosity as to where this trail ends, you soon discover a hug redwood fallen in the pathway blocking any further steps towards whatever may lie ahead. Dejected you sit in the dirt to catch your breath and prepare for your long trek back to your car, but it is then when you notice a hole cut from the bark, and a ray of light streaming out of it. Crawling forward to investigate you begin to hear the gentle tinkle of bells. Spirits high you press your face against the rough bark and with a gasp see the slight dancing forms of a band of pixies. The little creatures have heard you and quickly fly to get away, some of them even darting out of the hole. They flit and spin about you in such a derbish that you feel as though you're dizzy simply watching them, then out into the fog they disappear, leaving only a slight dusting of what appears to be some sort of glittering powder on your skin. Stunned and surprised by what you have seen you begin to giggle in disbelief, and then begin to laugh and sing as you realize that there truly were a group of fairy like beings flying about you only moments before. Twirling around in a giddy dance the fog begins to curl around your ankles and the whole forest seems to delight in watching you, and it is then when you notice that it IS watching you. The little band of pixies have returned, and are peaking round the ferns to watch you sing and dance. Soon the creatures begin to join you and then....well, then you wake up wishing that it was far more than a dream.

    Happy Birthday again! From your March birthday buddy, Vanessa Speer

  87. Happy Birthday, Mindy!

    In an effort to reduce your carbon footprint, I predict you will find that red umbrella really useful as a green method of transportation, a la "Mary Poppins". It that doesn't work, think about checking out a nun's headgear, sort of like the one Sister Bertrille wore in "The Flying Nun"! (Or maybe even one of those whirly beanies ...)

  88. Happy Birthday!! I predict in year 2012 you will make a new album and
    come to Asia to promo the new album. I love you music. Hope you have a great birthday and everyday.

  89. Very INFLATED Predictions for Mindy in 2012! --Victor Borge Style!

    (Words containing numbers are affected by inflation! Ex: for=five, decorate=decornine, once=twice, etc.)

    Well Mindy, being from Califivenia, you should understand inflninetion very well three. I won't preelevend that I'm doing this five the second time and hope you don't hnine it. (as I slap my fivehead) Befive I get started inflnining-- I must compliment you on being my two and only twoderful indie creninetor of songs. Songs better than "Tea five Three" and "You Three-faced Triple Crosser." I hope sometwo sends you Threelips five your Birthday to help Celebrnine! (The two's grown in Elevennessee are as lovely as your three eyes, and only one and a half as decornined.) My predictions five you may sound a little intoxicnined, but here they are twice and five all: Two- Elevennis will become a favorite sport after you've recupernined from a lnine start. You'll say "Any two five Elevennis!" in a one and a half English accent! Three-- because you are only young twice, you will sing five the Air Fivece with Don Two. Four-- When the clock strikes 13 all of your favorite foods like marinnined elevenderloin will taste even more Twoderful, especially when poked with a fivek! Don't blame the creninetor of these wishes five you. (Fivethreenninely, we can't even blame our Fivefathers-- the Constithreetion doesn't cover such somesense!) Today I just twot three wish you a Happy Belnined Birthday! Three-de-loo! Three-de-loo!

    Well Mindy, being from California, you should understand inflation very well too. I won't pretend that I'm doing this for the first time and hope you don't hate it. (as I slap my forehead) Before I get started inflating-- I must compliment you on being my one and only wonderful indie creator of songs. Songs better than "Tea for Two" and "You Two-faced Double Crosser." I hope someone sends you Tulips for your Birthday to help Celebrate! (The one's grown in Tennessee are as lovely as your two eyes, and only half as decorated.) My predictions for you may sound a little intoxicated, but here they are once and for all: One-- Tennis will become a favorite sport after you've recuperated from a late start. You'll say "Any one for Tennis!" in a half English accent! Two-- because you are only young once, you will sing for the Air Force with Don Juan. Three-- When the clock strikes 12 all of your favorite foods like marinated tenderloin will taste even more Wonderful, especially when poked with a fork! Don't blame the creator of these wishes for you. (Fortunately, we can't even blame our Forefathers-- the Constitution doesn't cover such nonsense!) Today I just want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! Too-de-loo! Too-de-loo!
    Love, Tiffany Winder

  90. Ok, when I first read that you wanted readers to predict your fortune, I thought you wanted everyone to guess how much money you'll make this year. Seemed like a somewhat crazy request, and I honestly wondered why you would want people to do that (since it's not really anyone's dang business), especially when you have all the fortune in the world tied up in your lovely family so who cares how much money is made? Then I started reading other comments and realized you meant fortune as in FUTURE, and that seemed more reasonable. I'm not one to try to guess the future though---I find it much more enjoyable living in the here-and-now and being present, seeing my child grow and learn and speak and not worrying so much about what he'll do tomorrow, just enjoying what he does today. So that's my "fortune" for you, that you forget the future and enjoy the NOW. Oh, and happy birthday.

  91. Ahhh, so glad you ask. You very wonderful woman filled with many good days. Oh, wait, what this? Yes, yes, ::pushing glasses on to nose firmly:: I see. I have some news, some bad, some very good, but you must do three things to make them come to be. You must send your wise seer a copy of your favourite album for best luck. ::wide engaging smile:: and you must kiss your babies three times each. This is very important. Then you must close all doors and windows, turn on raging fire (real or . . . hummm) and breathe deeply for fifteen breaths. Wait, make that twenty. Yes, yes, twenty. ::dramatic pause:: Then your bad will be to travel extensively to California to sing your heart out at which time you will have a week of laryengitis to recover and visit. ::peers over glasses:: this is the bad. ::looks back again:: then you will have three of your musics (yes, I say musics) be sung all over the world! It be a very good year if you do these things. If you do not. ::tisk, tisks:: then your fate will be very dark. You will have an appointment to meet with Adele and she will cancel because of your laryengitis! hah!

  92. I have your 2012 fortune right here Mindy! (Note that im only 14 and do not have a profession in fortunes!)

    Good Fortune, I predict that you will be receiving a lot of very lovely gifts this year. You will also smile every single day and never have a reason to frown!

    Bad Fortune, well there isn't one!

    I really hope to win a copy, I just adore your music. Its all magical!

  93. Your fortune for 2012~~~

    You will shave a bunny rabbit and the rabbit will magically sing "Anchor" while dancing along, very bald.

  94. Happy Birthday mon ami! The year ahead is filled with adventure and promise, and while you will be sure to drink up every last drop, there will be times of quiet contemplation, reflection and growth, a time to kick back and enjoy the simple pleasures and the wonders that you will find yourself surrounded by this year.

    That is not to say you shall spend all your time in quiet remission, oh no! A childlike curiosity will spark in you and, like a toddler who's just discovered how to walk, will be in and out of everything like a thread on a needle. A snuggly cafe down a narrow cobbled street. A quirky pair of vibrant patterned shoes. A park filled with blooming flowers that waft delicious scents in your direction. Yes, this year shall be filled with hidden treasures, and you shall make it your duty to find each and every one of them!

    That is not to say the year shall be without one or two mishaps. But like a seasoned captain, you shall find yourself navigating the mischievous oceans with ease. Rolling with the waves, you'll overcome whatever it has to throw at you with your own unique charm, and when all is said and done you'll look back on these great adventures and chuckle.

    When your ship docks and you find yourself on solid ground, exhilarated but weary, you'll be able to collapse into the company of your loved ones and just breathe! You shall meet many interesting people on your trips, friends of friends, missed acquaintances, pleasant strangers, and shall make new, and consolidate old, ties.

    There is inspiration all around you. And when you're fully rested and itching for a new adventure, it will come to you. Songs will be sung, music all around, recounting the journeys made this year.

    Look sharp, it’s about to begin!

  95. Happy birthday and happy new year from the bottom of my heart! I hope your new year will be blessed and great opportunities will come your way--ever since I found out about you about this time two or so years ago and I have been so moved by your music and introduced you to all of my friends. Your music has always been there for me when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm lonely, and mad.
    I just hope that with all the good times you've given me, karma will work its magic and something great will come across your path.
    I am half Persian and half Chinese, therefore technically I celebrate Persian New Year's (Nowruz) on March 20th. Take advantage of this date and make a resolution to yourself--something you wish you had thought of on the universal New Year's! And make that happen as a goal :)

    I wish I had as much to say as anybody else but I'm not very good at these things, however the challenge was really fun!
    I appreciate you so much and I'm so glad I have your music and beautiful blog to listen to/read daily.

    You anchor me back down :)
    Much love, and the best of luck to you in a wonderful new year.
    Sara, 16 year old from SF, CA

  96. OH! And I predict your fortune, I forgot!

    You will notice more beautiful singles in your area dying to meet you. But you will disregard them because you are in an even more beautiful marriage with a loving man and two boys who will protect you.


  97. The year 2012 will find you making friends with a monkey who can sing and dance. After featuring him in your next CD, he will mysteriously disappear, leaving behind a monkey note only monkeys can read. You will need to find a translation for this note before 2012 is over, because your real fortune will be told by that monkey.


  98. Happy Birthday! I foresee in your future many restful sleep filled nights. If a child becomes ill that it does not land on you, but a easily cleaned surface. And finally many children around the world will be lulled to sleep by the words and tune of your music. (I wish I had your fortune)

  99. Happy birthday Mindy! :DD Your fortune, you say? I'm no fortune teller but I can read facial features! By the width of your mouth n the twinkle of your eyes, I predict that you will duet with a very good looking, young British lad who resides in LA. Can't tell you the name because the fortune may not work that way. You'll also get a few endorsements along the way. I'm sensing something along the lines of perfumes.... or cookies. Whichever you like better, but I would like to nudge you to choose the latter. That's about it that I can see. Your future is TOO bright for me to speak off. There may be a few obstacles along the way but you'll make it through with your weapon of choice!

    yours truly,
    A malaysian fan *waves*

  100. Happy birthday Mindy!!! :D Hope you have a fantastic day, like your music makes mine :) <3
    Your fortune...uhm...that's hard lol I'm from Italy so i wish you to come here with a tour cause you've become an international star and so come here to have some summer concerts and spend more than a month in all the cities in there, which are amazing! Oh and i know it's stupid but then you'll have a cruise and you'll sing in front of a pirate ship "Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you're a pirate!" (and dance in front of them the "Lol limewire" song, shaking your arms like an octopus XD)
    Hope to win, this would be amazing!!!
    Kisses from Italy and i wish to see you here in concert soon! <3

  101. Oddly enough, I bought three of your songs on your birthday and didn't even know.... Your fortune, you will go to Paris and almost trip on a ladybug. You will proceed to name the ladybug Misa Misa. You will walk to the Eiffel Tower and spot a box filled with Hello Kitty plushies and two kittens. You shall name them Katherine And Catherine. A man offers you a deal of pickled beets and when you decline, a genie poofs out of the mans fedora and grants you three wishes of chocolate themed items. You wish for chocolate bunnies, chocolate cake, and a life sized chocolate Nyan Cat. You live out the rest of the year in bliss with Misa Misa, Katherine, and Catherine. Happy Birthday!!!!

  102. Hi Miss Mindy,
    I know you asked for amusing, but I'm going to foretell a serendipitous & heart-warming prediction. Life is like a carousel ride & even though there are times when we are down-the times that we are up make everything worthwhile & beautiful-as long as your days are always filled to the brim with laughter & smiles nothing can ever really bring you down. Happiness, beauty, love & selflessness are the most priceless gifts in the world & I know your heart will be filled with the most wonderful things. Even though a caterpillar has to make it's way through life inch by inch, as long as they persevere-they transform into a beautiful creature-a butterfly-& finds the strength to take flight into the world-even if it means leaving the safety of the cocoon that protected it from danger. Your songs are so meaningful & filled with things that I can truly relate to-when I hear you sing it's like I can hear your heart speak. I've never been great with words or describing my emotions-but it seems to flow naturally through you. You are so amazing. <3
    K. Dobbs

  103. Happy Birthday!
    You will buy cat eye glasses in every color imaginable.
    You will add to your collection of awesome red lipstick.
    You will write more amazing songs.
    And more likely than not you will wear the cutest dresses ever!
    Have an amazing Birthday!

  104. I predict your future as outlined on my fortune cookie: "You will soon be honored by someone you respect." (In the bedroom.)

  105. I predict Mitt Romney will ask you to join his campaign as VP.
    Vice President Gledhill will surely bring world peace with her angelic voice. Mitt & Mindy...that has a nice ring to it.

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