Monday, May 7, 2012

Insta Weekend

I went a little Insta-crazy with the Instagrams over the weekend.  Are you following the adventures of @mindygledhill on Instagram? Because it just doesn't get more exciting than this:

"The Undie-Grad"
My little sister, Lindsey, graduates from the U of U with a degree in photography.

"Ryan Innes Rocks Out"
 Opening up for Peter Breinholt at our first concert for this season's 

"Me and Peter B."

"Pair O' Potties" 
(in the Green Room at the Rooftop Concert Series)

"Secret Treehouse Meeting" 
With Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison. Their upcoming record is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

"Visit with Gramps" 
Griffin nearly destroys the hospital in a single attempt to visit Grandpa Mike, who hasn't been feeling so good lately.

"Backstage Surprise!" 
I got an email from the little girl in the pink pants on the front row, inviting me to see her dance class perform in a recital to my song, "Whole Wide World." I surprised them all with a backstage visit after their performance (which made me cry, just for the record). Smiles all around.

"Nephew Mayhem"
Visited my sister Amy and her boys, Enzo (center) and Noah (right).


  1. Fabulous fun- it's a beautiful life....
    "undies" and all. =)

  2. May I just tell you how terrific you are!?
    Haha! Love the photo of the "pair o' potties" in the greenroom. My daughter looked horrified when I showed her the restrooms on Friday:) Haven't quite figured out the "why?" of those side by sides:)