Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mindy in Japan!

Today my album, Anchor, releases in Japan at Tower Records, HMV and Disques Dessinee!  
I'm so excited!


In Japan, my album cover has this groovy metallic finish on the umbrella instead of the die cut that I use here in the U.S.  I dig it.

I love seeing the liner notes in Japanese characters.

Crossing my fingers that I'll get to go perform there!


  1. Wow- sweet Happy day.
    and I think it would be awesome if you did go there.
    I will cross my fingers for you too.

  2. Congratulations! Hoping your album reaches the Philippines soon! :)

  3. Waw, I never knew this! :O!
    I live in Japan and I shall run to the record store first thing tomorrow!! So excited!
    Always listen to your music online, can't wait to get hold of a CD :)
    Lots love ♥ your fan from the Asia