Friday, May 11, 2012

See You in Marrakesh

Allow me to introduce you to your tour guides for the trip you are taking to Morocco from October 6-13, 2012. Yours Truly (left) and my dear friend April Meeker (right).  We are adventurous spirits. We live our dreams out loud. We take risks and we are taking you with us for the ride of your life into a land of exotic color, texture, aroma, tastes, sites and sounds.

We'll stay at a visionary resort called Peacock Pavilions, owned by award-winning designer, Maryam Montague of "My Marrakesh."  What will we eat, you ask? Amazing, authentic Moroccan cuisine, of course.  In between couscous and curry, we'll also be feeding your artistic soul with workshops on jewelry making, book binding, collage, writing, marbleizing paper, and even a self-help session on clearing blocks and unleashing your creative power.  When we're not knee-deep in our art, we'll be riding camels, visiting the beach, treasure-hunting in the souks, getting henna tattoos and catching a belly dancing show. Really.

Let me tell it to you straight. This trip costs $3100. The price includes everything mentioned above except airfare. Yes. Even the belly dancing show.  

Email April Meeker at to claim your spot on the trip.  There are only 5 spots left! April may also be able to help you set up a plan to pay for the trip in a few installments. 

For more information, click this link (and scroll to the very bottom to see a cool brochure about the trip): 

I'll see you in Marrakesh.


  1. Wow! This sounds SO fabulous! Wish I could come--I will have to plan ahead and attend next year. :)

  2. Me encantan tus canciones, eres ESPECIAL y ESPACIAL* Muchas felicidades por compartir con todos, tus emociones y experiencias a través de la música.

    Saludos desde Puebla, México.

    Bendiciones. I ♥ you