Friday, April 17, 2009

Celebrity Siting in Central Park

At present, I am on a little "bidness trip" in New York.  In between meetings, I took a walk through Central Park and saw someone famous.  Check out this video clip to see who it was! 

Come back next Friday to meet a very special member of my family!


  1. Hello! I'm looking for the sheet music from your "sum of all grace" album. Does it exsist? Huge fan!! Thanks

  2. You are in my favorite place! Have fun!!!

  3. Hi. We were 1st introduced to you on the "Joseph : a Nashville Tribute to the Prophet". We loved the song "Emma". So we searched the artist, found you and now also have your other CDs. My two daughters would love to sing your variation of "Jesus Once of Humble Birth". Is there a way to purchase your sheet music? We think you are amazing and absolutely love your songs and your voice!

  4. Hi! Im also looking for the sheet music from your album "Sum Of All Grace". Where can I find it? Im looking for a song specifically off the album. Can you help???????

  5. Any sheet music available for your album? Would love to purchase it!

  6. see
    for "Small Enough."
    see for "River God."