Sunday, April 19, 2009

Music Biz Mondays: Come to my show!

Did you know that I have a show this weekend?  You really should come.  Come if you are an artsy deep thinker.  Come if you like indie music.  Come if you enjoy attending concerts in alleys where you can dress like a homeless person and it just doesn't matter.  Kilby Court is at the end of an alley in downtown Salt Lake City where concerts are held featuring the best indie bands from all around the country.  On Friday I will be playing a set after the talented Josaleigh Pollett and the seriously awesome Sweater Friends.  (I really don't know why in the world I am headlining.  These guys are really good).

If you come to this show, we will be able to visit in person since the venue is the size of a phone booth.  If you come to this show, you will see the famous Ryan Tilby playing guitars for me.  And finally, if you come to this show, it will be the most memorable date of your life for less than fifteen dollars.

Buy tickets and check out show details here.

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