Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Mindy with Tilby at Kilby.  Oh my, that's just fun to say.
Photograph by Rose Mason

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts:

1.)  Played a show at Kilby Court in Salt Lake last night.  In the middle of the set someone shouted out:  "Sing something in Spanish!"  Out of nowhere, Tilby pulled off an amazing Sabor a mi on electric and I felt velvet on my lips as I sang my unrehearsed offering.  Magic.

From left to right:  Mindy, Alex Aponte, Brandon Cummings, Ryan Tilby

2.)  I ate a burger and a bowl of Golden Grahams last night after two weeks of no sugar or white flour.  Note to self:  Never do that again.  Me no feel good.

3.)  Went running this morning.  The air felt so fresh after the night time rain.  Then it started to hail.  Something about running in hail made me laugh out loud.  Anyone watching through a spyglass would have thought me ridiculous.  Again, magic.

4.)  Revelation of the week:  Forget yourself.  Serve others.  Inspiration for your own life will follow.

Have a lovely weekend my darlings.

Made new friends at Kilby.  Thanks for coming!  

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