Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bloomin' Tree Streets

Gasp!  Whose garden is THAT?! ;-)


The Tree Streets are awash in color.  Spring blooms are ever changing.  Like mini-motion pictures, they're here for a few weeks and gone in a flash, making room for exciting new features.  Oh, the common threads we share!  I feel like a spring bloom, alive with one idea from each moment to the next, eager for what the summer has in store.  The Glediator rolls his eyes as I flutter about, enrolling in school, taking guitar lessons, interning in recording studios, revamping the back yard.  I can't sit still no matter how hard I try.  "Do what you want.  You will anyways!" is Gleddy's mantra for me.  We laugh, but secretly he knows that he is exactly the same - always a bee in his bonnet.  However, the Glediator does not wear bonnets; just a really dirty Red Sox baseball hat.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like it is time for me to come visit my parents so I can see the beauty of the tree streets too! Beautiful pictures!