Friday, May 8, 2009

Fam Friday: Meet Grandma Rose

Girls' Weekend at Grandma's 2008: (left to right) Mindy, Vicki, Angi, Lindsey, Grandma

My father's mother and last living grandparent is the most resilient woman I know.  When grandma feels any kind of illness coming on she locks herself in the closet and talks her body out of it.  She can't afford to be sick when her life mission is to bake rolls and pies for everyone that walks through her door.  You haven't lived until you've tasted one of Grandma's pies.

I recently stayed with Grandma on the way home from my trip to Newport Beach (yeah, the one where I had a royal meltdown).    She ordered me back to bed for several hours, insisting that she take care of the boys.  It's one thing to be nurtured but it's a real treat to be nurtured by Grandma.  It's the way she calls me "DARLING" with her voice nearly yelling.  It's how everything she makes (even plain old grilled cheese sandwiches) tastes like Comfort with a capital "C."  It's how she offers her two cents about your life when you didn't even ask for it.  It's lovely to be fussed over by Rose.

Grandma loves the Glediator.  While I stayed at her house I confessed to her that Gleddy and I were having a bit of a disagreement.  Grandma quickly came to Gleddy's rescue, singing his praises and how he is "so darling, such a gentleman to me and it's so lovely to make up!  Always be the first one to say sorry!"  I called Gleddy whilst sitting in a pile of towels in the laundry room, hidden away from the children.  We did make up and it was lovely.

Happy Mother's Day Grandma!  And Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely ladies who frequent this blog.


  1. your grandma sounds lovely- and that pie...oh man i didn't realize how much i wanted a cherry pie until now!

    p.s. i forgot to comment, but i really really loved your post about your mother!

  2. How funny Min! We both blogged about Grandma at the same time!

  3. I love Grandma Rose. There ain't anybody at all in the world like her, is there? She's awesome!

  4. What a treat to read about your grandmother. I would give nearly anything to have my grandmother back. She died when I was 24. She was a remarkable woman but I was at an age when I was just becoming more independent and thought I knew it all. Yeah right. Now that I'm a bit older, married and have two children, I realize so much more how much I took for granted. She taught me SO MUCH (most of which did not come in the form of words, but actions). I just wish I had her back to share that with her. Thanks for sharing your sweet grandma with us!