Monday, May 4, 2009

Tree Street Tuesdays: Lou Lou Pays Me a Visit

Awesome Metal Sculpture by Esemeralda Valentine (I added the Christmas lights)

Nachos are delicious.

Lou Lou does my portrait

Finishing touches.

The final masterpiece!

Yesterday I hid out in my car.  (Sound familiar Noni?)  The boys jumped on the trampoline while I reclined at 180 degrees in the front seat, doors locked.  I laid on my back and stared at the fabric above, wondering what my next move in life would be:  Finish school?  Another baby?  Change my name to Minnie May and play the keytar?  I want one so badly, you know.

A text beeped in.  It was Lou Lou.

"I'm in Provo."

I love Lou Lou.  She has a new advice column on her blog called "Ask Lou Lou" and if you want to laugh really hard you should go read it right now.  (I will confess that the second question posed on her column is by yours truly and it is NOT a fabrication).

After I put the boys to bed, Lou joined me for an evening of chill time at my office downtown. Just the thing I needed.   We ate nachos, strummed our guitars, and Lou even did a chalk portrait of me on the wall.  You might be asking yourself what this has to do with my Tree Street Tuesdays series and the answer to that is:  nothing.  

Smile, embrace your scatter-brained life and have a lovely day.


  1. I love girl time... just girls... no husbands or kids. Even little moments like the one you described are totally rejuvenating. I don't know what it is about girl time that is so energizing. I always filled up and ready to give again after I've had girl time. ;-)

    As for the second question on Lou Lou's blog... I literally laughed "out loud"!! That is hysterical! Sounds like something one of my monkeys would do!

  2. What a cool idea- the girl time- AND- the portrait! :) So lovely!

  3. Wow Maynerd! I'm so glad to see the sculp has a home!! Is that "Allen" the handyman made of Allen wrenches...or "Stella", the girl who wants to be a star???? xox, Ez

  4. I have to say I went to your sister's blog, saw the video and seriously died laughing. Turned my frown upside down! As far as the pooping in a waste basket goes what about when your 5 yr old pulls down his pants behind the bushes at the temple and proceeds to take a squat and elimate! Oh Mercy!

  5. I love your music and I love your blog. You are a great writer in both. I am very interested in the LDS music industry and I love your ability to make music and be a person that crosses over and appeals to such a wide audience. Good Luck in figuring out your life (kids, school...). It is kinda comforting ot know that a person, like you, that is so full of talent and possibilty still has to struggle to figure out the daily direction of her life - just like me.
    BY the way i sooo love the chalk board wall in your office - you are a creative soul aren't ya? :)

  6. What a rocking office!

  7. I'm glad you all enjoyed Lou's post. I love to read each and every one of your comments.

    Amy: Yes, it IS Allen! I was wondering what his name was and Allen suits him so well. Ha.

    Camille: Your poopy story is too funny.

    Rachel: You too can have a chalk board wall! Just prime it with a few coats of magnetic paint, then finish with a coat or two of chalk board paint. I bought my paints at Lowe's. They were kind of pricey, but I guess they are specialty paints. Have fun!