Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Krista Crafts Quilts for Karl - Brought to You by the Letters, C, Q, and K

Have you ever been to one of my concerts? You may have seen my face on stage at those shows, but the real person who coordinated them is the beautiful southern belle in the photo above. And yes, she will once again be the muscles behind my release concert on August 2nd. Krista Maurer has been doing PR, booking and management for me since I got my first record contract. The woman is a marvel. She can do EVERYTHING so incredibly proficiently it's sort of disgusting. Ask Karl Malone if you want. He just commissioned her to make a quilt for him (OUT OF HIS OLD JERSEYS!). Yeah, she gets to cut them up. Can you imagine? But anyway, because of her ability to do everything so well, I have always been able to trust in her for everything. If you see her at the show, give her a hug and tell her what an amazing job she is doing, will you? Right now, it is not a stretch to say that my life would fall apart without her. Thanks for everything, Krista!


  1. yaay that's my sister! :] she is quite the amazing person! sorry i won't be able to make your release!! i'll be flying back to utah from sc right as it's going on!! but i can't wait to hear it! i'm sure it's incredible!

  2. After meeting you at the music workshop on sat. I couldn't wait to listen to your new album. I absolutely love it! And my kids love it! We have your songs stuck in our head all day...Thank you so much for writing uplifting, and fun music our whole family can enjoy. I wish I would have had you audigraph my CD. sorry we can't make it to your release...but, I'm spredding the news about your awesome CD.Thanks again...

  3. I was in a ward with Krista Maurer years ago and remember distinctly her 100 percent awesomeness. Tell her a big hello from Todd and Natalie Hollingshead. Hope your concert went well -- sorry we missed it, just didn't know since we were out of town. Definitely buying the CD tomorrow for my sweet wife. Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring music. (Saw a story in the paper on your concert, which informed me of your new album, which prompted me to check your site. Then I saw Krista and had to say something.)