Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Going On Around Here?

What's going on around here lately?
Plenty of monkey business, I can assure you of that.
But in between these matters of (monkey) business, I've managed to :

Make an appearance on Park City TV.
That was fun.
Thanks to host, Ori Hoffer and band members, Spencer Harrison and Ryan Tilby for joining me!

Also on the list of things I've managed to do:
band practice.

This is band practice and monkey business combined.
I can count on Stuart Maxfield for that.

Meetings! And more meetings! Where Sarah Wiley has us all wrapped around her finger and we make plans about how to revitalize the arts in downtown Provo (and if you come to my release concert, the money you buy your ticket with will go towards creating a free concert series downtown).
Do you like my new (used) shoes?

And lucky for me, at our last meeting, I got to hold Ever Kendrick . . .

and stare at Jacob Jones' feet the whole time.

But wait. There's more. I'm working on the music video for "Anchor." This would be my first time working on a green screen - which will later make it possible for me to look like I'm in a hand drawn 2D world. Film is fascinating.

My favorite part of the video so far?
I get to wear a different pair of wings on each scene.

For more on my comings and goings, check out this swell article that my friend, Nicole Sheahan wrote about me today.


  1. Dang girl! You are busy, busy! I'm proud of you, Mindy! You never cease to just go after what you want and get it. You're awesome.

  2. is Andrew helping with animation? It sounds so cool.

  3. absolutely loved reading the article about your journey and determination to get where you are right now. so inspirational. my children and i love listening to your music!!

  4. Are you sure Nicole isn't just sucking up to you because she wants to borrow your wings?