Monday, September 20, 2010

Cedar City!

Photo by Holly Coombs

So, I did my first show ever in Cedar City last Saturday and it was awesome. First of all, I got to share the stage with Stuart Maxfield and open for his band, Fictionist which always makes my day. Secondly, a very handsome young man by the name of Tommy Ashby came to interview me from SUU. Nice.

SUU pulls through for another interview. Yessss.

And, still another SUU interview with reporter, Holly Coombs. I think they may have gotten sufficient coverage. (Way to show up, SUU!!!).
But the best part? The crowd. Thanks so much for coming. I'm hoping to come back again very soon!Want me to come to your town? Contact Krista Maurer at


  1. I do! I do! Come to BYUH. Let's try and talk to someone worthwhile this time and maybe since it won't be a benefit concert, they won't give us the run-around. Please do!

  2. What a great show! I'm so glad we got to see you! I forgot to tell you.. One of our first dates was to your concert in Richfield two Decembers ago (we got snowed in and I had to wear Debbie's PJ'S the first time I ever met her ha) and BAM! Look what you've done for us, a whole year of marriage, all thanks to your concert. But seriously, we really do love your music and have been listening to the cd everyday since the concert. Good work!

  3. Hey, I made it onto your blog. Yeah. And it's even the best view of me too (the backside)! Your concert was awesome!! Hope to come again in St. George. I'm spreading the word...

    Jen Hackworth Fisher

  4. Stop it right now with that cute dress! You find the best dresses!

  5. PS- yes, love your dress. And yes again. Dave's backyard is ginormous with a pool. For sure we could do it there.

  6. Hey how about Safford Arizona!!! The person that runs the Safford Arts Auditorium is always looking for inspiring people to come and perform for the community and My Husband just happens to sponser the concerts that come here!!! Perfect, oh and I bought your Anchor Album today at our Bookstore and haven't quit listening to it all day!!! My Eight year old is even singing it in between stops here and there, I love it!!! Come by my blog or email me if you think we could give it a go, I would love it and I know our community would too. My sis in law and I went to the benefit concert you did for Nie in Mesa and loved every bit of it!! You are amazing! Thanks for all you do!
    or post to my blog from here, I'd love to have you over!! Thanks Mindy
    love a friend
    Tifani Cluff

  7. I loved it. You did a great job. My son was running around in the fountain. At the first. When we came home my daughter asked how it was and what you sang and my son. Started singing your california song. So cute we loved it. Thanks for coming to Cedar City.

  8. It makes me sad that I live in the boring Midwest now, too far away for one of your concerts. I LOVE your new album and can't stop listening to it! I featured it here. So talented!

  9. Ok, since you asked... I think you should come back to Nor Cal sometime and do a concert or two. Maybe around the Sacramento area? That would be awesome!!