Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abbreviated Adventures in Bulgaria

As I suffocate in a looming cloud of cigarette smoke, I cannot possibly relate to you the things I've experienced these last several days with the few minutes I have.  For now, the abbreviated version.  Next week, more details. 

Thoughts after visiting seven orphanages:

I've fallen in love with infants, children and teenagers whose language I can't even speak.

Some have parents that they visit every summer.  Some have no idea where they came from or the names of those who gave them life.

Most have resigned to the idea that there is nothing for them when they are released into the real world.

A few have big dreams and fighting spirits.

One infant orphanage resembled an animal shelter where children where kept in cribs and playpens all day with bug infested cribs.  Ants and cockroaches crawled all over them, even eating away at the lacerations on their skin.  A very tough day.

God bless America.  Praises to our forefathers for creating a free country where people strive for excellence and a better life.


  1. again, thanks for sharing, mindy. everyday little and big people are living "these" lives. i don't want to forget it.

  2. Mindy - that's amazing. Makes me grateful everyday for what we have.