Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fab Four Day Weekend

Alright, so it wasn't really a four-day-weekend, but it sure felt like one.  It was one big party from Friday up until last night.  Here's the rundown:

Friday the 6th:  Annual Girls' Night Out hosted by Luhi Purcell

Saturday the 7th:  Mindy's birthday!  Jackson made me that awesome scarf for his present.

The Glediator made me his famous scrambled eggs along with lots of other delicious breakfast selections.  We ate dinner at Sundance and went to the dollar movies.  It was perfect.

Sunday, the 8th:  My friends, the Cottams, made me a killer Dutch Oven dinner at their restaurant, Bella's in Farr West.  Then I gave a fireside to their stake youth.

Monday, the 9th:  Family birthday dinner (a tradition) with the Gledhills at the B.O.

This morning I am scrambling to pack to cram the last few items into my suitcase for a trip to Bulgaria.  Stay tuned this week for videos and pictures with the Bulgarian children I am anxious to meet!


  1. It looks like a fabulous weekend! I can't wait to hear about Bulgaria--I spent three days in Romania last summer. It was fascinating. Safe travels!

  2. happy birthday, mindy! i am so glad i was introduced to your music this year!!