Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music Biz Mondays: Psych!

I know it's been a while since I've posted a Music Biz Monday, but let's face it:  does anyone but me really care?  Nay.  Hence,  from this moment forth I will post future Music Biz Mondays on the last Monday of every month (or when I just plain feel like it).  

On Friday I had a lunch date at Cafe Rio with my son Jackson.  I raved about my chicken salad, going so far as to update my facebook status claiming just how much "I worship Cafe Rio."  Come early Saturday morning I awoke to a gnarly sensation in my gut.  First thought:  Bulgarian parasites.  Second thought:  I have somehow angered the Cafe Rio Gods.  How could that be after I so openly praised their freshly made goodness?  I spent the rest of the weekend in agony.  But by late Sunday afternoon I was on the mend and desperate to get out of the house, which brings me to another topic:  Sunday afternoons.

In my religion, Sunday is a very important day.  As a day of rest and worship, we refrain from shopping and working and try to devote our time to meditation, prayerfulness, scripture study and family.  Here is my question:  how does one do this with children?  Attention starved after my long trip away and then after my bed-ridden state, the boys were near insanity on Sunday afternoon.  I have friends who say that on their street, it's pretty much a spoken law that kids can't play outside on Sunday.  I'm glad I don't live on that street.  So forgive me if our Sunday activities offend you and to those who can relate to stir crazy children, enjoy this home video:

Jackson Gledhill:  Combat Stunts, Scooter Stunts
Thatcher Gledhill:  Whining Child, Combat Stunts, Bilingual Child
Mindy Gledhill:  Unmotivated Parent, Wicked Ripstick Stunts, Narrator, Film Work
Ryan Gledhill:  Bugar Checker, Film Work
Leslie Gledhill:  Chef, Fish Lips Lady
Becky Dayton:  Chef, Fish Lips Lady 2
Nichole Gledhill:  Buck Beaver
Cami and Jane Nelson:  Extras


  1. our family rule was always, if we were together as a family then it was ok. so if a walk near the local greenbelt turned into a game of tag...we're spending time as a family and that is a good thing!

  2. LOL...I am SO glad I live on your street. We try our best on Sundays, but Mayhem always breaks out. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was just thinking yesterday that if God made the outdoors, doesn't he want us to enjoy them on Sunday (as my kids spent all afternoon outdoors)? I loved the video!

  4. awwww.....that was sweet. It is almost like being there. Thanks

  5. Mindy, you should ask Arlene Heaton what their theory was about playing outside on Sunday. Okay, I'll tell you: let them play! She and Israel felt that if their children grew up enjoying the Sabbath, they would serve missions. And did they!