Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This morning I slipped into my favorite pair of pants.  I've worn them so much that I have stitches and patches all over them.  I recently noticed a little hole unraveling front and center in the crotch area.  Ugh.  It will be fine, I consoled myself.  I made up my mind that they would last at least a few more weeks and then I could  tastefully patch them up, never mind the location of the hole.  That was a mistake.

I went about my daily errands.  Late in the afternoon, I dropped by one of my favorite stores, The Coal Umbrella.  As I was talking to the owner, Maht Paulos and friend Joe Castor (also old friends from high school) I chanced to look down for a split second and saw that the wee hole had spread into a gaping 6" by 3" tare.  I made some stupid joke about it, pulled Thatcher away from the bowl of iron-on patches he was sifting through and made a quick getaway.  Sheesh.

The rest of the day I thought about the little things in my life that I have ignored.  Things that I thought would be fine if I just left them alone; sometimes pretending they would just go away altogether. Sometimes it's just not worth hanging onto a favorite indulgence (like my awesome mustard colored pants) and ignoring a problem that it is creating.  I think I will let go of blogging too much and pay more attention to my family now.  Please excuse me.


  1. LOL BTDT!!! I don't think the answer is to ditch the pants altogether (nor the blog-world)but to only wear the sacred pants in the comfort of your own abode. Much like the blog, you don't need to go "public" so to speak. Just a few close friends like me, whom you have no acquaintance whatsoever except for that one night that you signed my CD at NieNie benefit concert in Mesa. :)

  2. I love your blog! it's all about balance, right?

  3. Oh dear. I had the same thing happen with my pants. There is just something comfortable about something so familiar. It's like letting go of a friend to get rid of them. But I agree with you, it's important to patch holes in anything (pants, relationships, homework, work, etc) before they become an even bigger gap. You go girl! Do whatever you need and we'll still love you all the same. Wishing you the best!

  4. I do have to agree with the comment above about wearing the jeans in your own home. It's hard to get rid of a good pair of jeans, especially if they are old. I was in your sister Jenny's ward; it's where I grew up and my dad is the one who remodeled her quaint little basement. Awesome gal. Love her to death. And, I must say, I love The Sum of All Grace. One of my favorites.